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  by vivianisvirtual
Hello guys,

What do you know about the F40PH-2?

To help boost your train knowledge, VIA Rail has created a new section on viarail.ca featuring our train equipment.

Each locomotive and train car in our fleet is profiled, with detailed descriptions including:

- main characteristics
- history
- interesting anecdotes

Check out the new Train Equipment section and tell your fellow rail fans about it:


And then share your comments on my latest blog post:


Virtual board officer for VIA Rail
  by Noel Weaver
One thing that I noticed is that VIA claimed to operate the only Budd RDC cars in regular service but I think the Alaska
Railroad still runs a pair of them on a train out of Anchorage.
Noel Weaver
  by jp1822
I thought it operated an Alaska branch line, and was indeed still running. Course I am not sure if runs year round......I know it is a life link for people living in this region.
  by Silverliner II
Otto Vondrak wrote:Wow! Virtual Vivian from VIA came to pay us a visit!!

Now we need a visit from Amtrak's Julie....lol

Not the right forum for this comment, but I had to say it. And wow, nice link!
  by f40ph-2 6400
hey guys,

one thing that VIA did mess up was the pictures......they show a hep2 coach instead of either a diner or a baggage car. Furthermore, instead of showing a picture of the CP budd bag,they showed the UP bag.There isn't a picture on teh profile of the CCFs and the northern spirits. However what i liked to see is via camouflaged the real reason for moving the ren shells stating for future purposes, while we know they'll be scrapped instead.But i understand though, who would want the public to know you're gonna scrap equipment you bought 8 years ago that brought with it alot of controversy.Overall, i like what they've done it's awesome, i believe though it needs to be a little more polished as far as the car profiles go. Now if only i could find some sweet detail shots of boths sides and underbodies of every type of Budd for my HO Canadian project.......

Mark C.