Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Retroboy
I was at flowerfield and noticed right before the crossing there are some old tracks that are paved into the road. they also seem to travel east alon the line. anyone know of what this was for? was it the site of the station? will try to get photos

  by Paul
There was a company called "Gyrodine". I believe they built helcopters or helocopter parts. I thought the buildings were still standing as a industrial park.

  by Dave Keller
The Flowerfield station was located on the north side of the tracks and on the east side of the private road that accessed the J. L .Childs Flower Farm which, after about 1952, became Gyrodene (or Gyrodine) Corporation of America.

The station was called "Flowerfield" because of the proximity of Childs' flower farm.

The depot, opened in 1909 or 1910, had a second storey that served as the living quarters for the agent.

The lower level was constructed of stone and had a train order signal that lasted until 1928. A mail crane was in service during the 1930s for picking up U.S. Mail.

There was a team track with a 15 car capacity, south of the main. It was put in service in 1909 and was primarily for the use of J. L. Childs' farm. This team track branched off the main just west of the crossing, and extended east of the crossing, with an overall distance of 645 feet.

If the tracks you observe in the street are south of the present tracks, it is very probably the remains of the team track that is visible.

The station stop was discontinued sometime in the 1940s and the depot building stood abandoned until it was razed in July, 1959.

Dave Keller

  by Dave Keller
A clarification:

The agency was discontinued sometime in the 1940s.

The station stop was listed as late as the 1958 employee timetable but no weekday trains showed as stopping there.

Dave Keller

  by Retroboy
Incase anyone wanted to see what im talking about:

  by Pensyfan19
I just uploaded old footage of a local passing by the semi-defunct crossing at the site of the former Flowerfield Station. Does anyone know why the crossings are still operating, even after the road was fenced off?