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A general discussion about shortlines, industrials, and military railroads

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  by Trackmobile
How many active locomotives does the military own and what models are they (besides the GP9m)?

  by usa4624
Here is a breakdown of the Department of Defense's Locomotives:
Type Quantity
45 ton 1
65 ton 7
80 ton 56
GP10 42
GP16 9
GP18 1
GP20 4
GP40 6
GP40-2 2
GP9M 7
RS4TC-1 3
S 12 6
S1 1
S12 1
SW1200 6
SW8 7
SW900 1
VO1000 10

Total: 170 locomotives

  by Trackmobile
How many out of the 170 are still active or still owned by the D.O.D ?

  by usa4624
All of them are still active, and owned by the Department of Defense.

Please check out the roster section of my website ( http://military.railfan.net ) for a complete breakdown.

  by Lirr168
Sorry to jump into this topic so late, but I was wondering if someone could clarify something for me. I remember seeing a picture of a Navy switcher that I believe was an Sw1500, but the closest thing on this list is an Sw1200. Do my eyes deceive me, or did the Navy in fact have an Sw1500 at one time? Thanks.

  by usa4624
My records do not show the Navy has ever owned any SW1500s. Do you have a unit number so we can investigate further?

  by Lirr168

I will try to find the picture again online, I lost it when I had to reset my hard drive. Like I said before, it is possible that I am mistaken and it was an Sw1200, which I noticed your website lists under Navy owned locomotives.

  by SRS125
There are 4 Units still siting out at the now Closed Senica Army Depot. @ GP16's cab numbers unknowen and 2 80Ton GE Center Cabs that went in a few years ago I got pics of them siting on tri-axle DODX Cars siting in Geneva, NY on the Finger Lakes Railway. I'll have to find the 2 prints and will post the cab numbers when I find them.

  by usa4624
There are no longer any GPs at the former Seneca Army depot.

Back in 1999, 4626 went to Fort Bragg, North Carolina and 4627 went to McAlester AAP in Oklahoma.

The 2 80 tons at Seneca are 1620 and 1662; rumor has it they have been sold off, but I have not been seen a confirmation either way.

  by SRS125
humm I had heard roumer that them 2 80 tonners if not 1 of them at the Senica Army Depot had some electrical problums would you know if there is or was anything about this? I did not know that the geeps had moved out of there the site that that I was looking at apears to have not been updated for some time.
  by RailVet
The depot should be Army-loco-free by now. One was reportedly sold to the Dominican Republic, while the other went to Ciment Quebec, St. Basile De Pontneuf in Canada.