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  • Discussion of steam locomotives from all manufacturers and railroads
Discussion of steam locomotives from all manufacturers and railroads

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  by trapper
Ely Thomas #6

NYC Niagaras

C&O H-8 Alleghenies

I ran and fired Ely Thomas #6 many times. What a very easy to fire and fun engine to run...
  by daylight4449
Well, let's see what i can pull out of my hat:
NW 475 (class M 4-8-0)
MEC 501 (class W 2-8-0)
Red River and Gulf #104 (4-4-0)

I'd also risk breaking the law:
Monson #4 (0-4-4 narrow gauge)
B&H #8 (2-4-4T narrow gauge)
SP 4449 (GS-4 class)
SP 4460 (GS-6 class)
SR&RL #24 (2-6-2 narrow gauge)
Reader Railroad # 108 (2-6-2 being restored and named for my grandfather :) )

And that's about it
  by Desertdweller
Eliminate the evil king and you won't have to worry about the locomotives.

  by dpontz
PRR Q-1 #6130
PRR K-4 #3768 Streamline
"The Lindburg Engine" PRR #460
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  by jaygee
Super easy for the current day steamers.....N&W J, Class A, and bringing up the markers...the big Y6a ! If you're talking lokkies no longer around, then substitute 1242 for 1218, and 2200 for 2156. Hoo-HAH !
  by mtuandrew
-MILW 261, UP 844, or N&W 611 to operate.
-A DMIR Yellowstone or UP Big Boy to demonstrate the height of American steam*
-The John Bull from the Smithsonian to show its beginning.

Ship everything else to Canada!

* You could convince me to keep something else, like a Shay or an early 4-4-0 perhaps.
  by Unionpacific88
Great question!
N&W 1218
UP 844
SP 4449
  by John_Perkowski
Top 3? Way too many...

FEF-3 4-8-4, Union Pacific (844)
GS-4 4-8-4, Southern Pacific (4449)
ATSF, 4-6-4, 3460 (Blue Goose)
ATSF, 4-8-4, 2900 class
Cab Forward articulated, SP
K4s, Pennsy
NYC Hudsons

A personal favorite is the ATSF Pacifics, such as the one at Abilene, KS.
  by CarterB
Of those that no longer exist....NYC Hudson in Dreyfus garb, PRR T1 sharknose, any streamlined 4-8-4.
  by Allen Hazen
In a strange sort of way, I once convinced myself that I was glad no New York Central Hudson had been preserved: they personified the steam era at its best, running freely on the main lines of one of the greatest railroads, pulling the most legendary of express trains: to live in "captivity" after that, to be a mere museum exhibit, would have been too shameful...

O.k., let's leave that thought aside.

What if an even-worse-than-WW II scrap metal drive meant that only three steam locomotives could be preserved in all of North America. What should they be?
Well, it would be nice if one could, when the emergency was over, be operated, could pull excursion trains. So this one should not be too heavy, shouldn't have too long a wheelbase (modern railroads don't want to risk track damage): so maybe a light pacific. One, for static preservation, should show visitors to the continent's only remaining steam museum just how gigantic big steam had been: a Big Boy or an Allegheny. And the third, maybe, should represent 19th century steam: a 4-4-0.

Not the collection I (as a deep-dyed rail enthusiast) would LIKE, but maybe the best for educating the people who have never before learned the history of railroading.
  by Engineer Spike
How about something revolutionary, like Lima's Berkshire prototype, or Timkin 1111?
  by electricron
Mountcastle wrote:America has been overtaken by an evil killjoy king who hates trains and who has issued a decree that all remaining steam locomotives in the country must be scrapped at once...saving three. And you get to pick the three. Which three would you save?

I'll kick-off with...

1. Sierra Railway No. 3

2. Arcade & Attica RR No. 14

3. Virginia & Truckee No. 22, the "Inyo"
I would keep all the existing steam locomotives, and kill the killjoy king instead.