• To Our Moderator; May The Best Boat Win

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Discussion about railroad topics everywhere outside of North America.

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  by Gilbert B Norman
Well, to our friends within The Commonwealth, HIP HIP HORRAY.

"May the best boat win"; I believe that to be the case.

Better designed, better seamanship.

Her Majesty owes her Subjects a great reward.
  by David Benton
Thank you Mr.Norman, and comiserations on a graceful defeat by Spitall and co .
The Queen may have mixed feelings, We beat the British Lions in rugby, I think Prince Phillip and Prince Harry follow the game at least .
I don't think the team will be thinking of themselves as the Queens subjects , they will take this one for New Zealand. And I guess, Emirates Airline, without whom , we wouldn't be there.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Before this topic sinks into Davey Jones Locker. I thought I'd share the last time that the Cup was sailed for using yachts that looked liked yachts.

This is EASTERNER; she was deemed the most aestheticly pleasing 12 Meter to be designed. She was further deemed to be the fastest during the 1958 qualifying trials, but was simply "outskippered" in much the same way as was Oracle.

The yachts that were more successful that year were starting to look like racing machines, what with their reverse shear transom sterns (I call 'em droopy drawers shear).

But alas, "sic transit gloria".
  by David Benton
You must have known something when you originated this thread, Mr.Norman, as the NZ Green party have provided a railway slant to it .
They are promising to build the proposed rail link to Auckland Airport, by the time the cup challenge is held. First they have to win a place in the next government though, at the moment that is a 50 50 call. The impetus for Auckland's last rail upgrade was the 2013 rugby world cup . Basically sport rules in NZ.
http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/artic ... d=11886183" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The royal family may be feeling better too , the British Lions beat the NZ All Blacks in the second test.