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  by photobug56
Met Life to GCT is not an issue for me, though I had no idea there was an elevator in the vicinity. My issue is getting, quickly and easily, without going blocks out of the way or having a heart attack, from the east end of the GC Station shuttle platform up to the GCT terminal on the main level to be able to go through GCT and, perhaps, to the escalators to the Met Life building (obviously without climbing stairs). Now you keep telling us about the new elevator(s) in 1V. You've not mentioned much, at least that I've seen, about where and how in specifics that could help one, for instance, plan their route. At last check, neither had MTA - even their staff doesn't seem to know about this, or if they've heard of it, thought it was a year or two in the future. Yet they've just spent a fortune on the shuttles to make them ADA accessible without, as far as I can tell, adding elevators or escalators at the east end of the GCS shuttle platform up / down for GCT main level access. And when I ask them, they don't know. So it's great that you know that 1V has a solution. What exactly it is and whether it actually works for affected commuters in a hurry I've no idea.
  by Allan
You really want me to say all this again?

There are 2 options from the shuttle platform:

Option 1) Exit into One Vanderbilt (the exit is to the left of shuttle track 4). Take the elevator up one level to the mezzanine and then go through the doors to the right into GCT.

Option 2) Use the passageway from the shuttle the 4,5,6,7 trains. Exit from the subway (bear left just past the escalators to the 7 train). Once you exit from the subway the elevator will be to the left of the escalators/stairs to GCT (it will be where all the MetroCard machines are). That elevator goes up to GCT just inside GCT where E42nd St and Park Av is .

I can't make it any clearer than that.
  by checkthedoorlight
Hey look at that, it opened right when I told everyone it would. Next time I do a favor to the RR.net moderators and provide updates on a project, how about you not argue with me at every step?

You still want a source? Go down to 42 St and see for yourself......
  by andrewjw
The new in-system passageway from Times Square shuttle platforms to Bryant Park IND Sixth Ave platforms also opened.

It has no elevators to speak of, which is a blessing for the moderators, though of course it's disgraceful that the Bryant Park station hasn't yet been made accessible.
  by Allan
photobug56 wrote: ↑Thu Sep 09, 2021 6:17 pm East end, west end? West makes no sense, but last I saw of east was mostly boarded up and had been for years. And with COVID, many people have never seen this change. So it's not obvious. So instead of snide comments, how about a brief description of what you do once you get off the shuttle. Should take you what, 30 seconds?
I wasn't going to get involved again but I will.

Has it not occurred to you that One Vanderbilt has been completed (well at least the outside and a lot of the interior) by now?

By agreement with the MTA the owners have provided access to GCT to/from the new building. That access opened several months ago. One access point is at the level of the shuttle. It is at the eastern end of the recently rebuilt platform. The exit to One Vanderbilt is large enough and well marked. No one could miss it.
The elevator is just past the turnstiles (and I already posted what to do at the elevator to get from One Vanderbilt, after you exit from the subway, to go up one level to enter GCT)).

As far I can see all the available information has been provided. You have to work some things out for yourself when you get there. There are no diagrams that I can find that I refer you to

By the way- the shuttle platform area at Times Square has been completely reconfigured. Instead of 3 platforms and 3 tracks, there is now 1 wide platform with 2 tracks. Also the train boarding area has shifted about 50 feet (+/-) eastward along the new platform. Just follow the crowd to the shuttle train boarding area. At Grand Central the 3 track/2 platform station is now a 2 track/ 1 wide platform station.
  by photobug56
1. Thanks for the info on the location of the entrance to 1V from the shuttle platform. That's what I've been asking for.
2. I've closely followed the shuttle project over the last couple years. There are some decent videos from 'opening day' this week that show both stations fairly well - except for what I was asking about.

I've asked a contact at MTA about getting the 1V elevator access properly shown on the MTA's web site both for station information and ADA access.
  by Jeff Smith
andrewjw wrote: ↑Mon Sep 06, 2021 5:06 pm
checkthedoorlight wrote: ↑Fri Sep 03, 2021 11:17 pm The last page of this thread is a perfect example if why I never post here anymore....
I'd like to thank you for posting anyhow, despite the fuss. Very excited to see the new platforms opening tomorrow! (I'll be sure to take the elevators at Grand Central! :wink:)
Ditto. I don't know CTDL personally, although I am good friends with his charming spouse. He knows of which he speaks. As to the ongoing argument about ADA GCT access, asked and answered, in exquisite detail, by Allan. Allan also knows his stuff.
  by Jeff Smith
checkthedoorlight wrote: ↑Tue Sep 07, 2021 11:03 am Hey look at that, it opened right when I told everyone it would. Next time I do a favor to the RR.net moderators and provide updates on a project, how about you not argue with me at every step?

You still want a source? Go down to 42 St and see for yourself......
We appreciate your favors.
  by Ridgefielder
Just walked through this for the first time today-- taking a shortcut to the Lex from my office on 5th Ave. Have to say it's all pretty slick. The new configuration is about a 100% improvement for anyone entering at 42nd/Mad to catch the Shuttle. There's no guessing about which stairs to take, and no need to sprint down the platform to a train waiting to close its doors.
  by Allan
Tracks 2 and 3 have returned to the Times Square shuttle station.


On the platform just 'north' of where the north car stops they have added two sets of parallel lines where tracks 2 and 3 used to be. These lines are only about 25 feet long.

The lines appear to be glued to the platform rather than painted on.

Aside from railfans, I wonder how many people will even notice the lines or understand what the lines represent.
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