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  by Ted_Marx
Hi, considering a job move that would require working near grand central. If I live along one of the train lines that enter Penn Station, how long will it take to get to/fro Penn-Grand Central during evening/morning rush?

I understand there's some sort of underground shuttle.



  by RRChef
From Penn Station 34th Street you can take the uptown 1, 2, 3 or 9 train to Times Square 42nd Street and change there for the shuttle or the 7 train. The Shuttle is 1 stop, 7 train is 2 stops to Grand Central. This will likely add 15-20 minutes each way to your commute. However, in good weather it's a good brisk walk that helps burn off some of that work stress. :wink:

  by JoeG
It takes about 15 minutes by subway--you take 2 subway trains. This is in rush hour when the subway trains run frequently. From Penn Station you take the 1,9,2 or 3 train uptown 1 stop to Times Square. Then you take the shuttle 1 stop to Grand Central. The combined length of the subway rides is 5 minutes or so--the rest is walking and waiting for the trains. You can, going from Penn Station to GCT, also walk E on 32nd St and get either the M4 or Q32 bus. These buses start on 32nd st between 6th and 7th ave. They go east to Madison and then go North on Madison. You'd get off at 42 st. This is about the same time as the subway going from Penn Station to GCT. In the other direction the bus is slower, and, since the bus goes down 5 ave, the walk is longer.

  by Ted_Marx
All, many thanks. I figured about 20 minutes but thanks for the verification. I might try learning to roller blade also but if next winter's any clue of things to come, maybe skis will be more practical.

  by NIMBYkiller
Are you comming from LI? If so, it might be best to try to get a train to Woodside, and then take the 7 to Grand Central.

  by RRChef
Or LIRR to Hunters Point and then the 7 train

  by The Caternary Type
you could get the path to 33rd and get a 6 av NB train and change at 5 av
Get a b'way NB and change at TS

  by matt1168
If you get the timing just right, which I've done before weekday peak, getting on a 2 or 3 train at 34th St., and then walking up a flight of stairs to the shuttle train at 42nd, you can do the entire trip from the fare control at Penn to the fare control at GCT in 6 min., but the trains will be arriving just as you get to the platforms.