• Things dont look good for the Colebrookdale Spur

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by jrevans
I was wondering how the Colebrookdale/Barto Branch faired with hurricane Irene and the heavy rains that followed.

I haven't heard much about the line recently.
  by jrevans
http://www.berksmontnews.com/articles/2 ... 86143.html
BOYERTOWN — With an upcoming meeting, Boyertown could get an economic boost with the foundation of a passenger rail to Pottstown.

There will be a roundtable discussion to consider the possibilities of a passenger rail line between the boroughs of Boyertown and Pottstown with dignitaries from each.
“I am writing to ask for your participation with a select group of elected officials, municipal officers and heritage resource/tourism development administrators in examining possibilities for an under-appreciated but exceedingly remarkable asset to our area: the Colebrookdale Railroad,” Guest wrote. “Linking Pottstown to Boyertown, it crisscrosses the Ironstone and Manatawny creeks and provides a trip back in time through our iron making past and some of the most spectacularly unspoiled scenery in the tri-county area. Large wooden trestles, sheer cliffs, tall, shady groves of trees and rushing water provide an experience truly removed from what we think of in our area.”

Guest said other successful tourist operations in Pennsylvania have provided a good model for what could be done to the area, even at a smaller scale at first.

He added that a recent Schuylkill Highlands report finds a significant opportunity gap for heritage and recreational resources in the area traversed by the Colebrookdale Spur.
Guest has invited both Berks and Montgomery County commissioners, borough managers, council presidents, main street managers, the Pottstown Chamber of Commerce president, members of Pottsgrove Manor, Reading Company Technical and Historical Society, the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles, Eastern Berks Gateway Railroad, Steam Locomotive 119 Restoration Project, Central Penn Railroad Corp., Schuylkill River National and State Heritage Area, The Carousel at Pottstown, Pottstown Area Industrial Development Corp. the Greater Reading Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Valley Forge Convention and Visitors Bureau as well as interested citizens.

Guest has offered those who will be participating a roundtable meeting on Oct. 12, at the Carousel at Pottstown building, 30 West King Street, Pottstown at 6:30 p.m.

There will be a short presentation about the history of the line and potential for the future before the table is opened for discussion.

Interesting indeed. It would make a nice scenic tourist line, but from what I saw of the hi-rail video online, the passengers would only be looking at trees most of the time....

Anyways, it sounds interesting, as do some of the invited guest groups.
  by rwk
Tourist line? That would be good. Find a steam or diesel engine and some coaches. A lot of tourist railroads have trees along their tracks. The tourist train in Jim Thorpe, it's all trees along the route.
  by DaveL
The Colebrookdale Spur is active under the name of Eastern Berks Gateway Railroad (EBGR). Current activity in Boyertown is mostly scrap iron from a trash-to-steam power plant (roughly one hopper car per week). Also also a couple other customers with occasional service.

Recently the yard in Boyertown was cleaned up. Removal of ties from the replacement ties along the line and from the old siding area.
  by funnelfan
Looking at the History of this line. So far I understand the line reached Barto where there was a wye and a three track engine house inside the wye. I believe the existing abandoned track shown in the video is part of a spur line to Dale. But I'm note sure if the video is at the north switch of the wye or some point north of Hwy 100. Also, does anyone really know if the line extended beyond the wye to Bally. I was kinda skeptical of the railroad grade at the edge of the church grounds in the walkalong video. I'm not so sure that the "grade" really may be just the edge of the landscaping for the church grounds. And the "battery box" seems really out of place for a line that probably never had trackside or road crossing signals. Could be just some junk from another era. But if the guy taking the video was right, the grade seems to point south-east down the creek and away from Bally.
  by rob216
Well it looks like the Eastern Berks Gateway Railroad has pulled out of town. Their locomotive is now gone off the property and was last seen siting in Reading go back west.
  by bk77
Looks like the Clinton Terminal Railroad from North Carolina will officially be the new freight operator for the time being. Management at the CTR is relatively new and they seem like an enthusiastic bunch, hopefully this will bring good things to the Colebrookdale line. Here's a link to the news with a pic of the locomotive to be used (appropriately an old CR geep 10!) on CTR's facebook page...

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =1&theater" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by rob216
So what ever did happen to the Eastern Berks Gateway Railroad?
  by bk77
rob216 wrote:So what ever did happen to the Eastern Berks Gateway Railroad?
Can't really find anything on them pulling out of Boyertown (I just checked Eastern Berks' website and its still up), however I think its safe to say the EBG is no more. An article posted on this forum from back in 2010 stated U.S. Rail Partners signed a 10 year agreement with the county to operate the railroad as the EBG. For whatever reason I guess things didn't work out in the long run.
  by griffs20soccer
Nathaniel Guest of the Colebrookdale Railroad gave an interview which I've attached. I was interested in the development of their freight business.


At around the 27:00 mark he talks about what is happening. The two main items where:
1) The completion of a transloading yard in Boyertown which should be completed this year.
2) The extending of the line 2 miles north to New Berlinville to service 2 on line costumers and a new transload facility. This is supposed to start in 2024.

I believe one of the new costumers is Boyertown Foundry. This is exciting news. That's 2 miles of track that has been mostly removed. There is some track although in very poor condition about a 1/2 mile to near the foundry the rest of the 2 miles will have to be relayed.

Does any one have any additional information on these projects? Or better yet any pictures of the work currently underway. This is very exciting. You don't hear of railroad tracks being extended, just torn up. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Maybe we should change this topic to "Things look good for the Colebrookdale Railroad". I hope the link works.
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