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  • Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.
Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.

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  by wis bang
I followed the ROW into Summit and saw the bridges over Russel Place & Ashwood Ave. as well as the abutments over Morris Ave. The condition of the two spans looks like they might be useable. Since they need to replace the two missing bridges; will the M & E replace the other two?

  by james1787
I haven't seen any work on the Summit side of things, I don't know if they are planning on going all the way up to Summit or not. I thought I read here before that they aren't going to have service to Summit? I might be mistaken.

  by rvrrhs
Completing the rebuild to Summit is not first and foremost, but rest assured that's the eventual goal, so M&E Ry. can link their operations from the SIRR to their Morristown HQ.
In the last couple of weeks, has anyone seen anything new going on in terms of track work in the Roselle, Cranford, Kenilworth area's?

  by rvrrhs
Seems they're concentrating on the mid-point of the RV: the Union Twp. side of the bridge over the Rahway River and the Liberty Ave. crossing. Between those spots, there's a newly cleared and leveled trench waiting for ballast (I suppose) and then new tracklaying. I'm suprised they haven't done any work on the actual crossing yet.

  by Guest
There is a contractor raising the manholes on Liberty, looks like liberty is going to be re-paved. It does not look like RR construction is working w/ them as the large excavator is now gone.

  by RVRR Resurrected
We've had a few decent days and I havnt seen much work going on. Does anybody know anything on the legal side of things and whats happening there...Im sure that Moron Joann Dillon is still causing trouble.

  by RVRR Resurrected
You cant haul nuclear waste and garbage with half a railroad..Of course they need to run to Summit. lol..

One of the 2 reasons that part of the span is last is because of the extensive work that needs to be done and that there is harldy any useful customers on the line. I am assuming that they would probly want some sort of positive cash flow comming in before they start the large investment of rebuilding that other section.

From what I heard, Joann Dillon pretty much had to give it up because the $50,000.00 from the five towns getting together was as good as thrown in the garbage because the judge threw it out in only 5 minutes.
I was not there, it was info given to me second hand.
From what I understood, there should be no more trouble from her but then when a person is ignorant, one never can really tell.

  by wis bang
When reading all the NIMBY stuff on the old board, the county's contract w/ M&E was shown & the projects sections were dated. N of the Rahway River is the last phase of the contract. After seeing the bridges/lack of bridges in Summit makes me think that the engineering & logistics should be underway now to be ready for the last phase...
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  by rvrrhs
wis bang: it's the Rahway River...hence the name of the railroad.

I think the Union-to-Cranford segment is first because there are so many potential customers on that segment. There's all those companies between Rt. 22 and Liberty Ave. and Morris Ave., and even a few between Morris and Vauxhall Rd. There are several in Kenilworth between Rt. 22 and the golf course, and more on the south side of the Boulevard (Schering-Plough). In Springfield, there are only two or three sites (all right near the old RVRR station) where rail freight would even be likely, and perhaps only one in Summit.

  by wis bang
Opps...sorry, it took too long to learn how to spell raritan....My Bad! :wink:

I fixed it.
  by ChooChooHead2
The high-railer truck (the big red one) that comes and goes from the shrinking pile of ties on South Ave in Cranford, is parked on the rails, with its rail wheels engaged. Usually it is parked off to the side.

Hopefully with the coming of spring, the work will progress in this area. Anyone have an idea on when this x-ing will be rehabbed?

  by rvrrhs
I was just over at the Union Costco, and am happy to report that all of the old rails and ties from Jaeger Lumber to Liberty Ave. (the part of the line that parallels Rahway Ave.) are all pulled up and stacked to the side. Ah, progress!
  by danb
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