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  • Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.
Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.

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  by Ken W2KB
>>> I would hazard a guess that M&E has filed motions in court to relocate/"evict" the business usage <<<

The M&E would first have to have sent letters demanding that the parties vacate the ROW before the court would allow such a suit to proceed, since courts insist that all other reasonable means of be used first. Courts want to be a last resort when all other means have failed.

It would be very interesting if someone here knew someone working at one of the businesses and could find out if any such demands from the railroad were received.

  by CJPat
It does explain why it is taking so long before the M&E could make those improvements through the encroached areas.

  by cjl330
The ROW behind Paparrato Construction and Synray has been marked with surveyor stakes. In a few spots, the rail has been marked with flourescent red/orange paint. Most of the track is buried in mud, but it is still there. All of the vehicles and containers that were parked on the track have been moved. The fence behind Synray that was across the track has been removed.

  by Don Maxton
Good news that Kean's bill has been tossed out! Any word on other efforts to delay or stop the project, such as the lawsuit filed by some of the five towns?
  by njt4172
ChooChooHead2 wrote:According to M&E President Gordon Fuller, he expects a test train to make a run on the Staten Island Line within the next two weeks.

Luckily, the bill brought forth to the assembly from Reps. Kean and Lesniak has been derailed: http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/union/ind ... xml&coll=1 according to the Star-Ledger.

GREAT NEWS! Also, Mr. Fuller said the Rahway Valley line should be fully operational by next year?? I kinda doubt that, but I could see PART of the line being operated.........


  by CJPat
I also agree with njt7172. It's taken 2-3 years to reach this point of construction. I kind of doubt they will finish rebuilding the line through Summit (including replacing the bridges and connecting to the mainline) all in a year.

I foresee that they can have the RVRR up and running out into Springfield, but what would be the point for that. Without the completion of the entire line, its use as a connector is nullified. The only thing they could do would be providing freight service to the local customers (which is a significant and important function in of itself). That would pretty much limit travel to between Aldene and Union since (as far as I understand it) no real potential customers between Springfield and the first bridge that is missing on the RVRR exist (please correct me if i am wrong).

Without the RVRR serving as a connector and unless they are able to build an interchange between the LVRR and SIRT in Cranford (did that ever exist?), all freight traffic would be coming from the direction of the Chemical Coast. Of Course, if they rebuild the Cranford Yard as best as possible (50% of the original area was built over long ago - the yard evidently used to strech out and under the GSP), they could possibly run freight along the CNJ Main from Boundbrook (Or reopen the line to E'Port! Wouldn't that be nice).

Is Mr. Fuller in a position to be able to provide enlightenment as to potential operating plans? Or is it best to remain on the quiet side to overcome the political/legal barriers prior to initiating actual services?

  by markyk
The "planned" test train that Mr. Fuller mentions, has been in the upcoming 2 week future since April, so I wouldn't hold my breath...

Hoppers are stored again up to the Linden Ave bridge.........

When the hoppers disappear, then we will be close

  by ChooChooHead2
markyk wrote:The "planned" test train that Mr. Fuller mentions, has been in the upcoming 2 week future since April, so I wouldn't hold my breath...
I wholeheartedly agree. We've basically heard that the trains would start running the day after the brush was cleared from the ex-SIRT. Still, I'll be keeping my eyes and ears peeled when I pass by.

So glad that something on the SIRR has finally happened.
It was great to see the photo on the m&E site of that test train.
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  by The Rising
Hello all,

Well, word from Morristown today was that the first test train ran out to Cranford from Bayway today....

It was reported to be just a light engine move. I am assuming that the move was crew training and qualifying.

Does anybody have any photos of the move or additional details, etc.?

Well, that's all for now....

See ya all later.
  by Pull Man
The 1st train to operate over the restored SIRR trackage, now part of the M&E's Rahway Valley Railroad, operated today, 07-13-2005. Train RY-1 was dispatched by M&E's Bayway Trainmaster at 10:20am and covered the entire line from Bayway to Cranford. The Consist was M&E #4223 and three loaded polypropylene hoppers from the Bayway fleet. At Cranford the 4223 cut away from the train and ran around the cut utilizing the passing track and intermediate crossover. After reassembling the train and boarding members of the press the train ran east to Bayway via the passing track. Several stops were made enroute for press photos. M&E management and the M&E Police paced the train enroute. The move was completed within two hours. A Company photo of the train is posted on the M&E website. (www.merail.com)
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  by Douglas John Bowen
This is thrilling news to us at NJ-ARP, and we can only hope trains begin operating regularly on the ex-SIRR in the very near future.

We're pleased, too, that the Morristown & Erie made its July 13 run a media event, because the presence of the train (and subsequent reporting of same) might, just might, convince local Union County businesses that trains really can serve their potential needs.

NJ-ARP Director William R. Wright informs us that Horan Lumber and Madan Plastics -- both on North Avenue in Cranford, somewhat safely outside the "NIMBY envelope" hovering over other businesses -- have expressed strong interest in rail freight services, but until recently have been slow to believe such services might be offered.

Access to both businesses -- physically and politically -- is within reach, and NJ-ARP, through Mr. Wright, will do its part to encourage same, assuming those businesses remain interested.
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  by njt4172
Congrats to M&E and Gordon Fullerr on this accomplishment!!!!


  by james1787
That's awesome news!!! Congrats!!!! :-D :-D
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