• Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.
Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.

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  by Ken W2KB
I noticed this morning that some old ties had been removed recently from the north side of the ex-CNJ at Aldene - where the RV used to curve to the north. There were also surveyors orange flags along the ex-CNJ in the vicinity. I wonder if there will soon be some rail restoration in that direction, as the SI part seems to be near completion?

It remains to be seen when the SI line will start.
I wonder if the bridge repairs over the NEC are completed yet?

Are you saying that the towns in between Cranford and Summit that are against the reactivation of the RVRR can actually succeed on stopping the train?, or just a long period of time before we see the first train run?
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  by Ken W2KB
The DC Circuit seems to average about a year to decide appeals of FERC Orders, so I'd venture a guess it would be the same for sister agency STB. I don't think that Trainlawyer is commenting on the merits of the case (who will win); especially without reading the not yet filed briefs, that would be difficult :wink: but that the cases don't proceed at a rapid pace. Any further investment in the restoration project would be at risk if the the towns were to ultimately prevail.

Do you think they actually do have a decent chance to prevail?
  by TheBaran
The following link will direct you to a November 10 Star-Ledger article on the rail re-activation projects.

http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/union/ind ... 746140.xml

A bill has been introduced to stall funding for rail projects for a year while the projects are reviewed for economic, public safety, traffic and environmental impacts. Although the bill is meant to cover all NJ rail projects, the intent is to stall the RVRR project.

The article also indicates that the SIRR line should start up in February. The steel girders for the bridge over the NEC should arrive next month and the traffic study covering the grade crossings is complete. The M&E can start ordering the crossing protection.

  by njt4172

Do you like trains or do you find them to be a burdon in your life??

Just a simple answer please....


  by njtransitrookie

  by Gladstoner
I've been looking at the Rahway Valley posts since I read in my local weekly paper that freight service might be returning to the tracks that run near (but not too near) my house. I have always enjoyed Trainlawyer's insightful comments and cannot understand the stinkbomb cracks like njt4172's from yesterday.

Can't we all just get along?

  by tahawus84
Trainlawyer tells it like it is. I dont see where he ever said he dosen't like trains?

  by Jtgshu
There is a difference between being a "foamer" and being a railfan and being interested in railroads. A "foamer" is not a good person to work in some how the railroad industry, as they would spend their time looking at things, and romancing the past, not the present. A railfan can work wiht the railroad, has an interest in the railroad, knows its history, and has a idea about how things work by this prior knowledge, but can still do the job at hand, but has to keep personal feelings seperate. A person with an interest in the railroad industry, is very knowledgeable about current operations, the way things are today, and how they may go in the future, but have no "ties" and feelings (basically biases) to any one company, group or organization. One person may not be categorized by just one of these aspects, but one tends to be a dominate trait.

The railroad is a business, even subsidized passenger rail is a business, and decisions have to be made, adn made the proper way, the legal way, the most economic way. Trainlawyer would make a good railroader, becuase he can seperate whatever personal interest he may have from the job at hand, and report on things matter of factly, and objectively. Im sure he, along with everyone else who reads this forum would like rail restored to all possible routes in the whole world, but those that do get restored, i.e. the M and E and the SIRR adn RVRR, still have to do things the legal way, and there is a protocol as to how things need to be done, adn that protocol MUST be followed.

Trainlawyer (and his granddaughter, who's s/n escpaes me right now) has given us termendously informative material about the "other side" of railroading, and some would argue, the most important side of railroading.

I never believed it until i started working on the railroad, but the actual operations and moving of trains is only a very small aspect of the railroad as a whole, and those with a REAL and THROUGH interest in the industry, recognize that, and are interested in not only the actual steel wheels on rail, but all the other behind and not so behind the scenes stuff.

  by njtransitrookie
Well said. Your exactly right. Why else would anybody work for a RR. They have interest. It's not the easiest job in the world, with NJtransit I new that being an engineer it would take me 19 months to turn a wheel in revenue service minimum. Yes I have more than a passing interest. I am not however a foamer.
  by Douglas John Bowen
A great rundown of personality categories, but NJ-ARP would respectfully submit that at least one more category exists: rail advocates.

Not really railfan, not at all "foamer" (if one seeks success, anyway), and perhaps not wholly "objective" in the business sense, though we'd argue that in politics we might qualify for some similar term.

We wouldn't presume to hold the "other side" of railroading, but we would claim to hold "another side." Certainly that's true when it comes to ongoing developments with the Staten Island and Rahway Valley rights-of-way.

  by njt4172
Why the heck is everyone getting on my back??? All I wanted was an answer to my question to trainlawyer. It didn't seem too hard to answer.....If I sounded a bit too hostile I am sorry....


  by Jtgshu
As an FYI steve, my post wasn't aimed directly at you, per se, but rather just in general, as there are those people who want to have any adn all railroad lines reactived at ALL COSTS, as long as they see trains again in a place that there once was. It doesn't matter who gets hurt, who's feet get stepped on, how much money it will loose, the prospect of no business, etc, as long as trains move.

Trainlawyer in the past has been accused of being a NIMBY because he has presented facts in the case, and real problems that exist with the way that the M and E and or Union County have caused, and some view that as being a NIMBY and against the railroad and the re-opening of it.

Again, as I stated in my other post, Im all for it, Im for every railroad reopening that possibly can, that means more jobs and opportunites for me, my fellow railroaders, adn the general public as a whole, as new industries and business can open up, meaning more jobs, trucks taken off the roadways, etc. But there are things that need to be done, it needs to be shown that the line is going to be viable for the spending of taxpayers dollars (in this case with the SIRR and RVRR) and things need to be done a certain way. Im consistant in this belief, as you Steve, and im sure others do too, that Im against the re-activation of the Lower boonton Line by Jimmy Wilson, because I want to see how he can justify spending the millions in rebuilding and operating costs it would take to provide service again between Montclair and West End.

Even though many of the NIMBY claims in Union County are baseless and rediculous, they do have a few good points, and Union County flat out lied to these communities, and the M and E didn't help. Im sure the M and E has very good plans for these lines, and Im sure they had to show those people in the state who decide to give up the money for rehab these plans to show that they are viable and that its a worth while investment, but even so, they still have to follow the rules and do things.

But simply presenting these facts and shortcomings doesn't mean that a person is against the railroad, or against the reactivation, but rather a person who has a genuine interest in the operation of the railroad, and as I stated above, an interest in the "other stuff", and looks at more than just the moving of a boxcar by an engine.
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