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General discussion about locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment

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  by Rick A
The Safety Valve Journal was one of the best steam age journals around at the turn of the century (according to the publisher!). I'm not sure when it was started and the oldest copy I found on Google books is from 1890. The journal was taken over by a Frederick E. Saward in 1895. At the time he was also publishing the leading coal journal, The Coal Trade Journal, which he had started in 1869. Beside the two journals, he also sold books, wall charts, and he acually wrote a couple of books about the coal industry. When he took over the Safety Valve Journal, he offered a free subscription of "Coal Trade" too. Safety Valve would set you back $1.00 per year. The articles are excellent and the graphics beautiful.A real window into another era.
Sadly, when he died in 1917, his widow and his brothers ended up in the New York supreme court fighting over money. Check out the links.

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