• The old Pilgrim State may soon be gone?

  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by mirrodie
Looks like they are clearing the roadway coming off the LIE into Sagtikos, then Pilgrim. Not sure how far it will extend but the old station in the woods might soon be gone..
  by BuddR32
What do you mean by clearing the roadway? Removing brush and debris, or a construction project?
  by mirrodie
Lots of debris clearing and leveling/terracing of soil. I’m impression is new roadway/exit. Not sure if it will extend to where the old station in the woods is
  by krispy
For those who aren't sure what we speak of, here's the station in it's heyday, as per Arrt's Archives: https://www.arrts-arrchives.com/sthosp2.html Scroll down to see the station in it's prime. The concrete base and the shelter still stand, along with some barely seen rotting ties, about 50 meters from the road. It's surrounded by jack pine and scrub oak taller that the shelter, and take care if you go trespassing (yes it's marked) as it's also frequented by homeless.

It's a state facility, somewhere there has to be a contract, etc. specifying what work is going on. If you can't find a state contract/bid request, then dive into the state EPA. Anything in that area must have a review done with either a FONSI (finding of no significant impact) to something else before any work can be done. This is what saved the neighboring parcel (Edgewood) from getting developed, a obscure plant and a salamander IIRC.

Mirrodie - It's amazing that station is intact as it is. A Long Island institution is how destructive the termites are here, and yet that wooden shelter is still largely intact all this time, despite being in a wooded area, neglected for decades. They must have totally soaked that lumber in both arsenic and creosote before using it. Unless that parcel is moved to private ownership, I doubt the state will do anything to it, ever. Look at what they did with the old Edgewood Hospital facility, which nothing was saved. https://youtu.be/P06YhM1KAaU If they aren't saving anything from there, I highly doubt they'll give a hoot about a RR shelter abandoned long before any of us were born
  by mirrodie
As the leaves start to fall, I’ll keep an eye out. Coincidentally i intended to hike Edgewood this month. Interesting areas. Still some hospital foundation remnants there as well as rail.
  by Trainmaster5
I’ve been traveling along Crooked Hill Road frequently for the last 20 years or so. I’ve noticed the new construction being done and I did see some of the proposed changes in a newspaper article. I remember that the station was on the south side of G Road approximately across from the present exit from the n/b Sag .From what I’m seeing it appears that all of the work is being done on the north side of G Road. The State Police barracks don’t appear to be an obstacle to the work being done and it’s actually located on the north side of G Road. Maybe I’m missing something from my vantage point ? BTW the last time I was at the station itself was about 60 years ago so my memory might not be as good as it was back then. For a while I used to use East Road to travel alongside the spur track from south to north but haven’t actually exited the car and explore the area on foot. Perhaps someone can elaborate on the subject. Carry on.
  by RGlueck
If there is a square foot of grass on Long Island, it must be covered with pavement or concrete. Isn't that a law down there?
  by EdwardHand
The new exit/entrance ramp to Crooked Hill Rd is north of same, with the LIE ramp to the SB Sag merging before G Rd.