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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by scottychaos
just found some weird conflicting info concerning a former R&N U23B!
I maintain the "Lehigh Valley Survivors" website:

http://www.frontiernet.net/~scottychaos ... tives.html

and I have always had LV 504 indicated as scrapped.
LV504-CR2780-R&N 2395
Wrecked on the R&N. Scrapped in Hamburg, PA in 1997.
no problem there..

but..I just got the new railpace (may 2004) and on page 5 is a photo of New York Cross Harbor U23B #2395!
indicated as "former R&N, exx-Conrail, nee-Lehigh Valley"

So is LV504 actually surviving afterall?! :P
if so, what unit was scrapped??

and to further confuse the issue, I just found a R&N roster:
that says R&N 2395 wasnt LV504 afterall, but was instead Ex- CSXT 3317
nee L&N 2816 !

Can anyone straighten out this mystery?
Is Cross Harbor 2395 really LV504? was it really R&N 2395?
which unit was wrecked and scrapped then?

  by Prof John Frink

The 1st 2395 ev LV 504 was definitly scrapped and it even donated some of its organs to other uses such as prime mover, fuel tank, trucks and more. The former LV unit was scrapped at Hamburg Pa in the early months of 1997.

The second unit was a former CSX ex L&N unit. This unit was painted in the summer of 1997 at Port Clinton.

The major difference in the paint scemes on both engines was that the ex LV unit was painted by Conrail at Altoona in the Conrail blue colors and sported the Conrail Express logo on the side. The ex CSX unit was painted in the RBM&N solid green color with a yellow nose and yellow on the rear .

Sadly the LV unit is gone.

Hope this provides some usefull info.


  by scottychaos
R&N had *two* U23B's numbured 2395?!
how odd!
ok then, well..mystery solved!
thanks Prof..
I was hoping a LV engine had returned from the dead! :(
alas no..

while we are on the subject, LV 505,506 and 507 are STILL missing!
LV505 - R&N 2394
LV506 - R&N 2393

fallen off the face of the earth thay have!
please keep an eye out for them! :)

  by RR_Fan
The #2395 in the Conrail Express colors I believe was "flipped" off of the tracks near Hamburg or Leesport. If I am wrong someone please correct me. Thanks.

Take Care.

  by Prof John Frink

The only part wrong is the "flipped" part.

The 1st 2395 was never "flipped" off the tracks during its ordeal at the Shoemakersville Pa. incident. As a matter of fact only the lead axle had popped off the rail during the incident and it was rerailed that same morning. The loaded covered hopper that it struct was flipped over on its side upon impact. The 2395 had remained upright until its demise by the scrappers torch at the BM&R South Hamburg Shops.

And again it definitly was the former Lehigh Valeey unit # 504 that was painted in the Conrail Express paint sceme. Along with the 2397,2398 & 2399 U23-B's they were the better painted units of the R&N fleet. They were all painted by Conrail Juniata shops using a good poly urethane based paint and not the Discount Harrys special house paint. :P

I can still smell the fresh paint.

Just wanted to point out a few facts.

Also the 2nd RBM&N 2395 former CSX U23b is in Railpace May 2004 issue.
The unit is shown on page 5 and it is even captioned as a "nee-Lehigh Valley" unit, that information is incorrect. The photo clearly shows the type of paint that was used and the bleach effect is has on regular paint.


  by RR_Fan
Thanks for setting that information straight. :wink: Now as for Harry's Special Paint..... :P

Take Care.

  by rocketman
That whole incident regarding the end to 2395 is a real "touchy" situation around here. I met the trainman involved in that incident about 6 or seven years ago. Apparently, crew fatigue and failure to follow restricted speed returning to their train played into the matter. Almost killed the conductor I was told. now hush hush.