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  by rogerfarnworth
In the last two weeks of January 2021 my wife and I followed the length of the Micklehurst Loop from Stalybridge to Diggle. We had been looking for new local walks to undertake in the spirit of lockdown. The route proved to be a gem. Each day that we walked we travelled along part of the Loop line and then crossed to the neighbouring Huddersfield Narrow Canal for the return journey. Everything was enhanced by the presence of a number of cafes providing take-away drinks, cakes and some more substantial food. Each day we walked around 5 miles, there and back.

This is the first of a number of posts covering the Loop line. ................

http://rogerfarnworth.com/2021/01/31/th ... oop-part-1
  by rogerfarnworth
A second addendum to my first post about the Micklehurst Loop.

Just a few days after I completed addendum 1A about the first length of The Micklehurst Loop and particularly about Staley and Millbrook Station and Goods Yard, I heard from James Ward who recollected some photographs taken by his father of the demolition of the Spring Grove Viaduct.

He also pointed out a series of photographs on the 'Timepix' website. These are predominantly photographs of the Greater Manchester Revision Point Collection undertaken by/on-behalf-of the Ordnance Survey in the early 1950s and are held by Manchester Libraries. The introduction to the 'Timepix' website makes it clear that all of their watermarked images are free to download and share.

http://rogerfarnworth.com/2021/02/15/th ... op-part-1b
  by rogerfarnworth
Since publishing the first three articles about the Micklehurst Loop. I have had a trickle feed of comments, particularly about the Staley and Millbrook Goods Yard. This short addendum to the first article seeks to bring those items together in one place. It is the fourth addendum to that first post.

https://rogerfarnworth.com/2021/03/07/t ... goods-yard
  by rogerfarnworth
This last post on the Micklehurst Loop completes the journey to Diggle and takes us to the mouths of the Standedge tunnels and Diggle Station.

We completed our walk in January but returned in April to take a few pictures at the site of what was once Diggle Station. ....

https://rogerfarnworth.com/2021/04/16/t ... oop-part-4