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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by wis bang
This morning I received, from NJ Motor Truck Assn, a copy of "The Liberty Corridor: an international intermodal transportaion corridor" as proposed by Congressman Robert menendez.

It contains a proposal for transportation improvements to the NJ/NY Port Areas as well as ideas of ways to improve the area transportation infrastructure. It contains (9) maps that outline the proposed

Pages 12 & 13 outline the Rail Improvements and the 5th map outlines these improvements. [wish I had a scanner]

Port Terminal Rail Improvements

"The Port Authority of NY and NJ is undertaking three major projects to expand and improve on or near dock facilities"

1- A new 70 acre express rail facility to handle 1,000,000 containers by 2004.

2- Dedicated rail yard to service the Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT), a 25 acre yard tof up to 300,000 containers annually.

3-Staten Island RR & Port Ivory Intermodal Rail Yard providing Howland Hook Marine Terminal with a direct rail connection to the Chemical Coast Line.

Port Jersey Ghannel

The Global marine Terminal and the new Marine terminal at the Penninsula at Bayonne [former MOTBY] will require expanded and new rail service connecting the two terminals through an existing railyard to the major rail yards and systems west fo the Hackensack River.

North Jersey Rail Freight Program

Projects that increase rail capacity and speed by installing second tracks, removing operational bottlenecks and creating new rail yards. these projects will be completed with the cooperation of both class one and short line railroads...

short Haul Rail shuttles

Applying innovative rail technologies and operating practices will be the key to making rail effective and competitive over shorter distances. the short haul spine would be one of more scheduled fixed sets of container trains with a power unit on both ends...

This strategy suggests starting these short haul rail shuttles with service south tot he distributuin center cluster located at Exit 8A in Cranbury, West to Manville in somerset County and Bethlehem Pennsylvania and north to Newburgh, New York."

How about them apples?

  by JLo
This stuff all makes sense, but it has been on the drawing board for years. I saw almost the same list in a report from the North Jersey planning commission in 1993.

I love the fact that former MOTBY is anticipated to create the need for new rail service over the Hackensack. Too bad the PA blew up the Newark Bay Bridge and allowed part of the CNJ ROW to become Rt 440. There would have been plenty of capacity.

  by wis bang
The Rail Improvment map shows a rail bridge North of Rt 1-9 crossing into Jersey City and going on to Global Marine and then turning and going over to the former MOTBY.

Also shows double track for the Lehigh Line & connecting track in Newark. double tracking the Chem Coast line in two phases; down to bayway as phase one & bayway to port reading as phase two. They want double track onthe Lehigh Line to bound Brook & show a Pt Reading Jct connection to the W. Trenton line @ manville and installing CTS & new rail on the Port Reading secondary.

It shows rail shuttle from So Amboy to Cranbury. Staten Island crossing the Draw by the Goethals bridge. Second track on the marion connection and eliminating the grade crossings on county Road @ Croxton.

We can only dream!

  by JLo
Here is a Sierra Club article on Menendez's announcement of the proposal. http://sierraactivist.org/article.php?sid=42665