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Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by MNCRR9000
MACTRAXX wrote:MNCR and Everyone: Watched this CBS2 report - and will mention that the target for ESA to finally open
will be about one year from now - to coincide with the completion of the Main Line Third Track Project.
Let's hope that these major 2022 changes for the LIRR go into service without any further complications...
I know East Side Access doesn't open till December of 2022 just exciting to see a train make its way into the new terminal after all the years of construction.

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  by photobug56
Dec 2022 is the most recent projected completion date after Cuomo supposedly shook things up 2 years ago to avoid even further delay. Our new governor appears to be tying her effort to be elected in her own right to ESA.

What we can actually figure out from this is that they've got 3rd rail power on at least one track in the tunnels and in the station. I saw no sign of signals in action; I won't make any assumptions. And we've no idea of how much work remains on other tracks, 3rd rail power, signals, switches and the like. Or the station itself. The video seemed to show the 'party' headed to an elevator to ascend up to the real world after leaving the train. Oddly, I've heard almost nothing about ESA elevators, just that the escalators were built by a firm with a very poor MTA track record (in terms of reliability).

I've seen no testing schedule for any aspect of ESA. Obviously they've done some to make this shindig possible.

I've also seen nothing on emergency power for the terminal - in case of a blackout, 14 stories is a huge obstacle for people in decent condition, let alone those with accessibility issues. They need something, for this, lighting, some ventilation.

The article does not, of course, mention Garden City. If that's not quickly resolved, what sort of effect will it have on ESA opening and 3rd track completion? I'm guessing that IF ESA opens on time it will be with a very limited initial schedule (not that unreasonable).
  by Head-end View
Newsday today had a big article about the Garden City fiasco. Nothing really new, just a rehash of the last time they wrote about it.
  by R36 Combine Coach
This reminds of the media event when Mayor Bloomberg rode a train into the incomplete Hudson Yards
station on the 7 Line in December 2013. As mayor when the Hudson Yards extension launched in 2005,
the target completion date was end of 2013, in time before the end of his term. However delays kept
pushing back into 2014 and finally September 2015. Much of the issues involved elevator testing and
certification (especially the inclined plane cabs used for access to the deep platforms). This was only
a one mile extension.

By comparison, the 9 mile original IRT subway from City Hall to 145 Street in Harlem was built in just
four years (1900-1904), with the majority of construction in the years 1903 and 1904.
  by photobug56
Doesn't look run down and filthy yet, and the lights all seem to work. And at least one track and one 3rd rail! Skeptic that I am, part of me figured that when they first fired up the 3rd rail that half of Manhattan would lose power from short circuits! :-)
  by Head-end View
Photobug56, you actually made me laugh! That would have been funny if it happened.

Train60, thanks for posting that video. Especially interesting because we'll likely never get to see it for ourselves, with the retirement of the M3's, and the cab window always covered on the M7's.

Oh? Do I sound bitter? That's because I am!
  by R36 Combine Coach
The loading gauge of the 1970s built box segment of the 63 Street Tunnel is quite noticeable, barely larger
than subway (B Division/IND) loading gauge. Explains why nothing larger than a M-1 could run here.
  by photobug56
HEV, if you heard the stories one of the sub contractors told me, you'd expect that too! :-) I believe you, just curious. The high level bosses who were there that day in 1996 should have known all of this, and they should have made it clear to diesel country passengers early on and openly planned on how to deal with it.
  by west point
Has the work at Harold by LIRR progressed enough that Amtrak trains will no longer be delayed by conflicting LIRR trains ?
  by jlr3266
Has the work at Harold by LIRR progressed enough that Amtrak trains will no longer be delayed by conflicting LIRR trains ?

The Contract for the Eastbound Reroute has been awarded. The EBRR will allow Amtrak to bypass a significant portion of the Interlocking and place trains on the primary route toward Hellgate.
  by njtmnrrbuff
That would certainly be great if there was a way for Amtrak trains accessing the Hellgate Line not to have to be delayed by conflicting LIRR moves. Not only will that help Amtrak but whenever Metro North starts running on the Hellgate Line(now it's advertised in 2025 but could be a little longer). It sounds like the LIRR will be serving Grand Central Terminal daily and it should. People have plenty of reasons, besides work, to travel to East Midtown. They might want to spend time taking a tour of Rockefeller Center, including seeing the Christmas Tree. In addition, they might want to shop and visit with family. There are Broadway Theaters that are a little closer to Grand Central Terminal than NY Penn Station.

After ESA opens, it might be nice for LIRR to have some more of the trains heading to and from the Montauk Line to begin at NYP. Any thoughts on that?
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