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  by gaspeamtrak
I know its been discussed here before but I'm not sure where to look?What are normal car numbers from front of the train to the Park Car?
The train is usually around 10 cars long at this time of the year???
We would like to be in the sleeper nearest to the Park Car.
No we can't afford "Prestige Class ! :(
We will taking "Sleeper Plus Class"
Should we book ahead or wait and try and book" Sleeper Plus Class deals"?
I know with this fare you don't have a choice of rooms? But we could wait till about two months out and try and save almost $1000?
The fare right now is $3429.00 for February 9, 2020
My brother and I are thinking of taking "The Canadian" from Toronto on either the 26 of January or the 9 of February to Vancouver one way.
Thanks for all the help!
Sorry I'm all over the place.
It's 02:15 in the morning.
Better get to bed... :P
  by marquisofmississauga
The usual winter consist of the Canadian for the past few years has been:
Manor sleeper (13) (May be in service only Jasper-Vancouver)
" (12)
" (11)
" (10)
Dining car
Chateau sleeper (crew)
Prestige Chateau sleeper (30)
Park car (39)

The order of sleepers is reversed in the peak season when the first sleeper is 10. Six friends and I have booked a November trip and VIA assures us the winter consist is the same as it has been recently.

Whether it is better to book in advance or hope for a sleeper deal is always a gamble. Whether there are any deals for a particular departure depends on how well the sleepers are selling. No doubt you have noticed that most of the sleeper deals are for berths. There are some cabins for 2 and rarely cabins for 1.
  by Mark0f0
I know with this fare you don't have a choice of rooms? But we could wait till about two months out and try and save almost $1000?
There's almost always a Black Friday or similar sale that's valid in most of the off-season. That generates a discount that is just as good in most cases as the Sleeper Plus deals.
  by electricron
Waiting to book a room reservation to save money might be smart if you are just booking one room, but with six passengers you should be booking at least three rooms, there may not be three rooms available two months out. And if there are, all three rooms may not be in the same sleeper car.

Bite the bullet, take all the variables out of the equation, book your three or more rooms now!
  by gaspeamtrak
Just saw Via's winter sale for November & December for 40% of sleeping car fares!
Really tempting !
But I'm hoping for the same type of sale in February !!! :-D
  by gaspeamtrak
Hello all ..
I was just wondering what the consist/car numbering of "The Canadian"is for the winter season?
Just booked "Bedroom F" in car "111" for February with the "Black Friday Sale" !!! :):):)
I think "NS VIA FAN" or "Marquisofmississauga" answered this before for me ...
I would appreciate and update of the consist if possible?
Thank you very much... :-) :-) :-)

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