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  by Mark0f0
I've been wanting to book a trip Vancouver-Toronto on The Canadian, but need a very specific date. I can't book until January. And due to the big 40% off sale, people seem to have booked out the sleeper rooms on a particular departure. Like one day there were plenty of rooms (Cabin for 2, Cabin for 1's), and the next, nothing was available.
The date is very close to when things switch over to the 'peak' season. Paying for Prestige unfortunately isn't an option.

Does anyone know if the configuration is fixed in stone due to staffing? Or do they have much flexibility to add and subtract equipment based on projected loads?
  by marquisofmississauga
Generally VIA will add sleepers in the off-peak periods if the demand is there. I once had a Feb. trip on which there were only the usual three sleepers when I booked but six when I travelled.

Although I can't say if VIA still does this, they have maintained a "wait list". I have done well on wait lists a few times. It is worth phoning them to see if this option is still available.