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  by tommyboy6181
Alstom is going to be doing some work in the subway for a while. The MTA just awarded them the CBTC resignalling project for the 7.

This is actually interesting because in the late 90's when CBTC was proposed, it was between Alstom, Siemens, MATRA, and Thales (formerly Alcatel.) Now, Alstom dropped out of the project at that time, Thales showed interoperability can work but didn't get anything finalized, MATRA became part of Siemens and that's how the L got the CBTC system known as Siemens Trainguard MT.

The Alstom system is known as Alstom Urbalis and has been proven worldwide in many places. Next up is the R188 cars and the conversion project.

Link: http://www.alstom.com/home/news/news/bu ... ngueDoc=FR