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  by Allen Hazen
The latest (22/2/09 to 28/2/09) additions to Gorge Elwood's "Fallen Flags" railphoto site include builder's photos of two production T-1: two photos of 5505 and three or four of 5547.
5505 was built with the original, bulbous, front deck covering. 5547 (if this is really a builder's photo and not an after rebuilding photo: the pics of 5505 has traditional PRR builder's photo "color", with headlight painted white, but the head-on of 5547 doesn't) got the later, narrower, structure, leaving room for steps up to the running boards beside it.
So: is it known when in the production run (or in the production runS, since Baldwin and Altoona shared T-1 production) the design change was introduced? A side view of the 5547 has the driving wheels and rods, etc, fully uncovered: was the elimination of side "streamstyling" done in one stage, or was there a series of steps, reducing the amount of skirting bit by bit?