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Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.

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  by DrawbarFlats
Perhaps someone can help. Are there any surviving Winton 201A Prime Movers on display anywhere?
These motors were installed in EMC's (now EMD) E1's for ATSF back in the late 30's???
Also, any good reading on this subject concerning Winton?

Thanks folks!!

  by Allen Hazen
Old memories from an older brain...
Smithsonian History and Technology (the one with the Southern 4-6-2) USED (1970s) to have an EMC diesel engine on display in their railroad hall-- I ***think*** it may have been from the original CB@Q "Zephyr," in which case it was a 201A, though a smaller one (straight 8 ?? instead of V-12) than the ones in the ATSH and other early 1800hp passenger units.
Original "Pioneer Zephyr" is preserved-- USED to be a Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago but I think has been moved. A "sister" train (for B&M?) has also been preserved. Don't know if either has original engine.
I think B&O museum, Baltimore, has some early EMC 1800hp passenger unit, but don't know if it has engines in it, ore (for that matter) whether it was re-engined before retirement.
Sorry not to be more helpful: at least I've lengthened the thread, and if it LOOKS active maybe someone who KNOWS the answer to your question will post!

  by PCook
Allen, I believe you are right on all those you mentioned above, including the Smithsonian and the original Burlington Pioneer Zephyr. The B&O Museum had a twelve cylinder engine separate from the EA.

The eight cylinder engine from the B&M Flying Yankee streamlined train was disassembled for evaluation and possible rebuilding earlier in the restoration project. The group advises on their website it will not be used in the restoration and it remains disassembled as a pile of parts, some of which they have been auctioning off during their various events, so theirs is in fact no longer a complete original example of a Winton 201A.

There are two twelve cylinder engines at the California State Railroad Museum, stored in the backshop, that may be put on display eventually. They have weather damage from outside storage at a scrapyard and are missing the valve covers.

The largest collection of Winton powered equipment is at the National Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood, Missouri (St. Louis), but the engines in the NC switcher and the boxcab are not accessible for viewing. I was there last summer working on an article for Railway Preservation News and the museum staff advised access to view the engines would require written request to the board well in advance of a visit.

  by DrawbarFlats
Allen and PCook,

Thanks for the detailed responses!!
I will check those museums you folks listed.

I think it would be quite something to view those old engines. Too bad some are in ''parts piles''.

I'm the kind of guy who can stand and marvel over the technological design of old, be it an old steam engine, airplane or an old ancient diesel.
To think of the draftsmen hunched over drawing boards with nothing but slide rules and T-squares designing those technological wonders never ceases to amaze me!! That was an era of mechanical spirit and progress.
Thanks aqain for the info!!


  by PCook
In my earlier posting I missed mentioning the Illinois Railway Museum, which I believe has an 8-201A and they might also have one of the 8-201 predecessor engines. Perhaps one of their members can clarify what is presently in their collection. I have never been able to get to the museum to take a look at their collection and there is unfortunately not a listing for diesel prime movers in the very excellent equipment search feature on their website.

  by Phil Hom
The Smithsonian's American History Museum is closed till 2008. Therefore in the mid Atlantic region, the B&O Museum is the closest 201A around.

When they redid the railroad hall two years ago, the 201A was not returned to display. It maybe in storage in their warehouse in Suitland Maryland.

  by SOU2645
CSRM has the two 201A's from the lone SP E2A. They were donated by some company. The E2 was turned into an E7.

Two CB&Q Zephyrs are believed to survive. One is (was?) on display in Iowa or somewhere along with the 9900 at Chicago.

IRM also has an intact SC (D&R ex MP).

NMT has the NC mentioned (SR&N ex Y&N) along with B&O 50 (twin engine boxcab)

The B&O EA at the B&O musuem reportedly still has the prime movers intact minus the generators which went into an E8M.

  by jbvb
Railroad.net has a thread on restoration of the B&M/MEC Flying Yankee:


In March, 2007 someone quoted the restoration group's newsletter describing the piston auction that's probably the basis for PCook's January 22, 2007 comment. The original quote appears to have been lost, but it's re-quoted on page 36 of the thread. The 3 (it appears) pistons that were auctioned off were originals, two of which had been damaged by water down the exhaust stacks while at Edaville. In 2007, the group had a complete set of reproduction pistons on hand, and had decided not to use the Winton for their operational plans. The quote implies the Winton could be reassembled, but had not been as of 2007.