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  • Discussion related to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and predecessors for the period 1846-1976. Originally incorporated as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company.
Discussion related to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and predecessors for the period 1846-1976. Originally incorporated as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company.

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  by Prof John Frink
Wasn't Mount Carmel Pa. tore down within a few years ago?

Sadly, the station at Delano Pa. was tore down last year.


  by Tamping Pick
Delano was sadly torn down.When I talked to Bonner(owner). about it(3 days after the tear down) he said I thru the safe on the street,needless to say it was not a LV safe. I left it there so the town could get that little bit of cash it needed for what ever!
I tried to start a campaign to save it, but sadly it never came about.I contacted R&N and Mike Bednar,Only person that replied as far as LV guys go, was Keith B.
Check R-Fan.net(LV) for a Delano station thread.
I met with the Delano Township people, and they were null about the whole thing. They had a whole portfolio of all kinds of pics.
Bonner wanted too much for the structure.$40,000.00 I believe.
I mentioned this to his daughter , about the price, then also mentioned about getting registered with the US gov.,as a historical buildingLOL, it really rated that) but it was torn down before we even could get the paperwork filed.
  by fglk
Lehigh Valley Round House in Auburn, NY still stands dispite 4 fires and many owners. The City has no idea where to begin if they were to pull it down. Its the oldest building in Auburn it sits next to the old American Locomotive Company (ALCO) on State Roots 5 & 20. The line crossing 5 & 20 and going around the old building is the old Fraght House Leader track which was realingned to connect with the Southern Central once the track crosses Orcherd Street and curves around to cross Columbus Street it becomes the old Auburn & Ithica Railroad Yard (Former Agway) The Finger Lakes Railway owns and operates this trackage and takes pride in its rich haritage this is alsoone of the last places to find 105lb. rail cast between 1896 and 1911 by Bethlehem Steels Openharth Mill.
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  by fglk
Lehigh Valley Train Station still stands in Geneva, NY along with a station in Manchestor, NY The Train Station still stands in Union Springs, NY The Old Fraght House Still Stands in Venice, NY on the old Auburn & Ithica Branch. The Old Fraght House still stands in Groton, NY. The Old Fraght House still stands in Locke, NY as well.
  by OvidPete
Stations: East Ithaca, Burdette, Cazenovia, New Woodstock, Cortland
Roundhouses: Cortland

  by carajul
Where is the frieght station in Lehigh Gap located? I've passed thru there a million times since I was born and never saw it.

The LCL warehouse in Packerton still stands, and is often wrongly labled as the "Packerton Shops". Back in the late 1980s I explored it and there were still LVRR letterhead, memos, bumpber stickers, etc laying around. The place has been picked clean since and is nothing more than a shell now. A few pics of the 1970s show all the windoes were still there. They were smashed and eventually removed. There are still 2 floors with cast iron stairs on each side of the building. The county was going to make the building a prison but the facility was contaminated so no dice.

I don't know what the other 2 smaller buildings next to the LCL warehouse were but they still stand, also as shells.

  by Tamping Pick
one of those other buildings was a locker room for workers, the brick one was a air compressor for yard air. I saved 2 of the arched windows from the "warehouse".Flags,Diamonds and Statues volume 17,#1,issue 60(current), from ARHS has beautiful photos of this yard, with maps. Well worth the $7.00.

  by sodusbay
If you go looking for East Ithaca, it's been moved about half-mile uphill to East Hill Plaza and is the Coyote Loco restaurant. The original structure is only the lower front part, it's easy enough to tell it apart from the additions.

And if you're in Ithaca looking for LV remains, the Station restaurant on W Buffalo St. is in the original LV Ithaca station (1890's), with some coaches on a remnant of the rail (not connected to any operating line)

And since we're in Ithaca, the Greyhound station on W Seneca is the DL&W depot complete with original 1920's tilework outside and in!!

  by 56-57
I've found scraps of an official guide in the Packerton store house. I found a complete LV shop ticket for an ACL gon in the 'air brake house', the black metal building farthest from the store house. You can find signatures on the walls upstairs in there, from the employees, either when they retired, or when it was closed.

One of the two remaining small brick buildings was the acetylene plant. Made on site, and piped to where it was needed. And if you do some walking (watch out for copperheads and rattlers!), the 'roadbed' for the traveling overhead crane can be found. Basically two long cement footers about 60 feet apart, running parallel thru the trees now.


  by 56-57
Whoaaa! That last post didn't look right--I made it sound like the air brake shop has a 2nd floor. Naw, I meant the 2nd floor of the store house has the signatures, just look wherever there's a cement wall, instead of brick. Mostly the writing is above the 'zone of graffiti', so it's safe.

  by valleypup
Three Bridges station,Flemington Junction Station, Flemington Frieight house,Clinton Station,Pittstown Station, Bloomsbury Station,Flax Mill water Tank,And Neshanic Station are all still standing.

  by johnpbarlow
The Owego (now HQ for Owego & Harford RR), Flemingville, and Newark Valley stations still stand on Auburn branch.
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  by krazytrain
In Pittston , Pa the Coxton yard roundhouse is still there. Also in Jim Thorpe the yard and sevral structures are still there

  by Mr Lehigh
Isn't that yard in Jim Thorpe the CNJ? I don't remember seeing a yard on the LV side of the river there.

  by Zeke
The LV Bound Brook,N.J. freight station still stands in graffittied glory.It lies just east of the NJT passenger station in the midst of a storage yard.