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  by PRRK4s
And lets not forget about EP22 5762. Stumbled on this loco some miles north and east of Cooperstown NY, I forget the town, maybe Olean? Back around 2000.



Granted it will never see the rails again but it does survive. Suppose to be rebuilt cosmetically and painted NYC lightning stripe, ouch, and used as an Ice Cream Parlor. The E8 is actually short of about 12 feet of car body. The owner purchased it in pieces after the railroad took the guts out of it and he stitched it back together. Only one set of trucks came with the loco. The front end was to be placed on a concrete patio and the only truck he had was to be installed under the rear. I have no idea where the project stands at the moment but as you can see from the photos, it had a long way to go.....Gary

  by Richard_Glueck
Allen, you beat me to it. Of course we're talking real locomotives - steam 4-4-2's! The 460 should be rebuilt for ops, or at least stabilized and returned indoors.

  by Matt Johnson
I'm glad to see that a number of the E's have survived! If only there had been at least one of the Baldwin "shark nose" diesels preserved...

(Been trying to find some info on those...I think these might be the only two still in existence, supposedly now stored in a warehouse in Michigan somewhere.)

  by PRRGuy
At one time there was the remains of a former PRR sharknose B unit around in Pennsylvania, in use as a generator on a rubber tires. I believe this was cut up around 2000.