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  • Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.
Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.

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  by B&M E7
Did anybody mention the restored B&M stainless steel sleeper SALISBURY BEACH which resides in California, and sadly I hear, is for sale. I hope it survives as a B&M car.
On the LIRR< I understand there are 3-5 former B&M "American Flyer" coaches scatterred at various points and are stationary. Sadly, one of these whick reposed at Long Island City for several years was cut up for scrap earlier this year.
St Louis Museum of transport has a former B&M gas doodlebug.
# B&M F-7s exixt: 4265a, 4266a, 4268a, pluse former B&M F-7B 4268b, which noe resides in New Jersey as a "CNJ" F-3 replication.

  by aline1969
I heard the bud cars that run on the TRE in Dallas are ex-Boston cars, is this true?

  by doublebell
Only one is ex B&M.

TRE 2005 was B&M 6110

John (the guy in the white car)

  by aline1969
well one is better than none, that is cool.

  by CSX Engineer 98
Steam wrote:B&M mogul #1455 is at Danbury, CT.

Seems like most of the surviving B&M equipment is in Connecticut. That hardly seems fair. We don't have tons of New Haven equipment up HERE. Anything south of the Boston & Albany is like being south of the Mason-Dixon Line as far as we "North Shore" folks are concerned.... foreign territory.

Do you need a passport to go there?
I believe that the #1455 was the last Mogul to see service on the B&M. I was looking forward to working on it when the Cape Cod Railroad owned it, and they were attempting to restore it.

  by Richard Glueck
One intact B&M "American Flyer" coach remains on the Long Island, in alcohol service. I am told it is going to be available for purchase as scrap in the near future, if not already. He who hesistates is lost.
  by B&M E7
The B&M crowd are a funny bunch, preservation effort wise. They're much different from the New Haven boys, who largely have their preservation act together. I feel that the last B&M American Flyer car(s) may soon be lost.
Part of it stems from the idea that in the minds of some, B&M passenger equipment consisted of:
A) Wooden Coaches and the gas doodlebugs
B) the 6000 and the stainless steel coaches that put a "stain" on PBM's reputation
C) The fleet of Budd cars
I have found out, painfully, that it's virtually impossible to light a fire under the B&M fans, preservationwise.
I considered, in the 1970s, personally saving one of the two Fairbanks Morse TALGO Train locomotives for sale at the time. I didn't get so much as a nod of approval from the B&M fans that I didn't ask for finacial support from at the time. II feel that little has changed in the subsequent 29 years.
  by B&M E7
putting it differently, I'd bet that HALF the members of the B&MRRHS don't KNOW what the American Flyer cars were, and they don't give a bloody $%^&!
  by truman
Many of the coaches on the Strausburg RR are ex- B&M.
MEC 2-8-0 at Steamtown.
Buggy in Lawrence Ma. Buggy in Raymond NH.
Somewhere on the old Claremont & Concord there is an old engine house with a coach beside it.
F unit in Gorham NH, (very sad shape)
Also in Gorham, there is an old six wheeler painted CN, although it came from an industry in Everett Ma, but its tender came from a B&M Mogul.
In the Charlestown shipyard near Boston, are two box cars. A dream fermenting within a historical group was to obtain and restore them, either because they either once were, or resemble, a series of Boxcars owned by the B&M.
Finally, I heard a story about a forgotten tender on a siding somewhere in Ohio, from a engine the B&O obtained from the B&M, which would make it. an R-1 Mountain tender.
Road trip anyone?

  by Guilford Guy
theres a narrow coupla (sp) caboose along the cheshire betwee ashburnham and winchendon near depot road off route 12

  by wog820
In Plymouth NH there is a boxcar on a siding cut from the main, and up in Lincoln yard there is a B&M milk car :wink:

  by b&m 1566
You have an old B&M box car sitting in Concord, NH which is used by NEGS for storage of tools and stuff. There's also an old B&M coach car sitting in someone's yard in Tyngsboro, MA not far from the Tyngsboro Bridge.

  by truman
2 former MeC flangers minus plow gear at Sandown NH station.
There was a B&M coach in someones yard on Rte 2a in the Ayer /Shirley area.
The late Mel Clark, equipment and truck dealer, had several MeC steel cabeese and a wooden B&M bobber (see Gilberts B&M caboose book) scattered throughout his several yards in North Hampton NH. I don't know about the MeC stuff, but I heard the Bobber went to some property he owned in Northern Maine Jct.

  by Guilford Guy
theres a caboose in winchester

  by jwhite07
According to an article in the Ellsworth American newspaper a few weeks ago, a wooden boxcar reported to be of MEC heritage was recently acquired by the Downeast Scenic Railroad and delivered to Washington Junction on the former MEC Calais Branch in Ellsworth Maine. It will be used as a tool car for the excursion operation planned between Ellsworth and Dedham, Maine.
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