Discussion relating to the B&O up to it's 1972 merger into Chessie System. Visit the B&O Railroad Historical Society for more information. Also discussion of the C&O up to 1972. Visit the C&O Historical Society for more information. Also includes the WM up to 1972. Visit the WM Historical Society for more information.
  by ShayFan

I wonder how many C&O buildings are still standing and what conditions they are in? Here are the ones that I know of:

Depots and Stations:
Thurmond Depot - Restored, owned by the National Park service who
uses it as a New River Gorge Visitor's Center.
Cotton Hill Freight Depot - Used for storing MoW supplies.
Prince Passenger Station - Still used by Amtrak, Good Shape with
C&O and Chessie livery.
Hinton Passenger Depot - Fair condition. Trains still stop here.
Clover Lick Depot - Restored. Used as a stop on the Greenbrier
River Trail (former C&O Greenbrier Subdivision).
Durbin Depot - Restored, Owned by the Durbin and Greenbrier Valley
railroad and is where the excursion train tickets
are sold.
Charleston Station - Good Condition, used as an Amtrak stop and
houses other businesses.
St. Albans Depot - Restored
Clifton Forge Station - In good Shape.
Clifton Forge Freight Depot - Owned by COHS, needs much work.
Gordonsville Freight Depot - Deteriorating condition, Needs
Cass Depot - Not authentic, built in the 1970's after the second
authentic depot burned. Has the styling of the first
depot and the size of the second.

Coaling Towers:

Clifton Forge

Other Structures:

Thurmond Commissary- Later Thurmond Post Office. owned and
restored by the national Park Service.
Cass Water Tank - Used by the Cass Scenic Railroad. Fallen into
poor condition and will be rebuilt this winter.
Small Shed at Thurmond - Weathered but in decent shape.
Small Shed at Orange - Appears to be in decent shape.
G Cabin, Gordonsville - Good to Fair Condition.

  by PRRGuy
In New Buffalo MI, A portion(3 stalls) of the roundhouse and the coaling tower are still around.

  by GC&EShay12
coal docks

At Whitesville WV 500ton
Cane Fork WV "Cabin Creek" 50ton and water tower
hamlin WV 75ton or 100 ton
turn table and some buildings at Peach Creek yard in Logan WV
CW Cabin at Hinton and the 800ton coal dock sand tower and some water towers left
Cabin at Alleghany summit
"new CA cabin" Cabin Creek Jct built in 1956 replaced old style cabin
Raleigh yard has a coal dock
Danville yard WV the sand tower from st albans wv is there pretty much all i can think of now. At one time the Chessie Coal dock still stood at hinton but its long since gone.

Scott www.gottrains.com

  by blw
The ex-C&O freight house in Gordonsville is in mildly better shape. It was moved last year about 200 feet down the tracks to an adjacent lot that has been dedicated to preserving the structure. The local historical society is committed to preserving it and appears to have the funding to do so. A few repairs have been effected and more are said to be planned. Unfortunately, the Gordonsville station has been gone about 33 years.

The concrete coaling tower in Charlottesville is still standing and is in reasonably good condition considering that it has been abandoned for fifty years. The rest of the engine terminal was razed in the 1990s and the location is now an office park. Nearby what used to be called the Main Street Station has been converted to an office building. Fortunately it has been treated well, and it is recognizably the old station. The platforms were enclosed and also converted to office space. The station seems to have fared better than its address! Main Street must have been rerouted, since it is now a block away, and the station is now on Water Street, although the station has obviously not been moved.


  by blw
Also, the Richmond Main Street Station is in quite fine shape. It is still used as the Amtrak station in Richmond, and it has been at least partially restored to its 1950s appearance. The outside looks relatively unchanged to my eye. Lots of stuff inside has been rearranged, but the general layout of the two main floors are similar to what it must have been. I believe that the upper floors are now used as office space and this is not generally open to the public.
  by coalmine
Coal dock at Raleigh still stands
Coal dock at Ronceverte still stands
Passenger stations still standing at
St. Albans
Prince (already mentioned)
White Sulphur Springs
Clifton Forge

work safe

  by themallard
Afton Depot, in Afton, VA on top of Afton Mountain

Crozet Depot, Crozet, VA

Staunton, VA Passenger Station and Freight Depot, both surviving as popular restaurants, the former tower is the Amtrak waiting room.



  by CIOR
A few of the depots still survive in Indiana. Most of the structures at the Peru yard are now gone, but I believe the yard office is still there.
  by LJ
Peru, In. the old depot. North Judson, In. The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum has three of the originall m-o-w sheds on its property. La Crosse / Wade, In. QN tower is still standing next to the old C & O main that is used by the Chesapeke and Indiana R.R. Malden, In. m-o-w sheds still stand next to the C & I R.R.

  by ziggy44
I think some of the old shops and a few structures in Rainelle.

  by GC&EShay12
Montgomery station was taken down a long time ago. A great deal of stuff is left at Clifton Forge. Turntable Coal dock diesel repair faclities and some older structures. Handley yard office "new style" is still around but i heard this summer any old C&O structures still around are set for demolishltion. Id say the coal docks will be around till they fall in or become a saftey hazard.


  by CIOR
Richmond, Indiana
Muncie, Indiana (Restored beautifully)
Peru, Indiana

The Muncie depot is restored and is now headquarters for the Cardinal Greenways which occupies most of the old right of way from Marion to Richmond (minus the small segment south of Marion from Jonesboro to Gaston). Its one of the top rail trails in the country.

  by DMCenci
PM (C&O) structures still standing in Michigan

Bad Axe
Berville (now in Allenton)
Blaine (moved to St Clair)
Carsonville (NOTE..this is the second depot..just 2 box cars..moved to near Applegate)
Grand Blanc
Grand Ledge (Freight Station)
Harbor Beach
Holly (joint with GTW)
Marlette (Passenger Station)
Muskegon (Passenger Station)
Palms (moved to Sandusky Area)
Pigeon (joint with GTW)
Port Hope
Port Huron (Passenger station)
Port Huron (Bascule Bridge & Tender Shack..unused since 1975)
Saginaw (Passenger Station)
Saginaw (Bascule Bridge and Tender Shack..now used by the Lake State RR)
Saginaw Roundhouse (leased to Bluewater Chapter NRHS)
Saginaw Coal tower
South Lyon (joint with GTW)
Ubly (moved to Caro)
Vassar (moved to Mayville)
This list is inncomplete..I will be adding to it as I go along. Dave C