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  • Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.
Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.

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  by Boston-and-Maine
Cosmo wrote:This was from around the mid-60's till about 1986 0r '87-ish.
I remember playing on it as a kid while watching the boats in the Charles R. locks.
That must have been cool... I was born in 1989 so I guess I missed it, LOL...
that's right it was a mogul, thanks, wasn't that the last steam engine that ran on the CM line in 56? The Pacific at the Musuem of Science was removed in the late 80's, I remember her over in the Boston yard and I think she was lashed up to a G9 and was headed for steamtown. If my memory is correct I think a local news team did a small report on it, I recall somewhere seeing a video of her leaving Boston. The Globe ran a article on her being removed from her berth which was next to the lock/gate, the photo was her being lifted by crane onto a flatcar. Wasn't one of the coaches down in Edaville a B&M business car?
  by Boston-and-Maine
Mattydred wrote:-BAR 40' steel boxcar, Loudon Rd. Concord, NH
Is there any particular reason why that box car is there on Loudon Road? Excuse my ignorance, but there was never a rail line in that part of town, was there?

And to add to this thread (not sure if it has been posted here yet), does anyone else know about the box car parked behind some building on Candia Road in Manchester? If you are heading from Auburn on the Portsmouth Branch towards Manchester, it crosses Candia Road... IIRC a short way past this crossing, there is a green box car behind a building about 10 or so feet above the rail bed... I saw it during the summer and I memorized the reporting mark and number, but I have since forgotten it... It may have been MEC, but that is just a guess...

EDIT: Ahh, I guess it was fall when MS Maps took the picture of the area; the link is below :-D

http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&F ... &encType=1
  by Cosmo
That looks like an old GMRR car, judging by the logo.
Interestingly enough, I saw some similar cars rusting away in the wilds of Tidewater Area Virginia about 8 years ago... talk about far from home!
  by MBTA3247
Steamtown has caboose 4307, though not for much longer. Due to the car's terrible condition and lack of significance to the Scranton area, it's going to be scrapped once it's been thoroughly documented inside and out.

  by RGlueck
In Stockton Springs, Maine, a completely stripped out, partially refloored, B&M transfer caboose is for sale. Driving north from Searsport, on the left hand side of Rt. 1. Owner has repaired some of the floor boards. All insulation, wall boards and ceiling have been torn out and the entire car is repainted in red primer. Brake gear is in place, but no trucks are with it. Owner is asking $8500 (Ice Cream Station), but I'm certain this is negotiable. Minute fire scorch damage is still visible, but otherwise the car looks really good.

I just thought I'd mention it.
  by lvrr325
F7 4265 exists somewhere too, ex-CNY NRHS -
  by toolmaker
There is/was a B&M Transfer caboose in Littleton, NH when I lived there. The owner of P&S Equipment was restoring it. If I recall correctly he drove to Lowell and trucked it to Littleton years ago. He made a second trip for the trucks. I know I have more pictures of the interior taken with the owner's permission I'll have to search my other PC to find them.
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  by scottychaos
Not sure if these are genuine B&M or not, but there are two wood passenger cars on display in Ithaca, NY..
they have been there since 1970..they are two red coaches, and both have trucks marked "B&M 10495"
Three of the visible trucks say B&M 10495! so clearly 10495 is not a road number..


I believe this coach still has both sets of trucks under it..one set has been enclosed inside the brick platform, which was built as part of the restaurant.
(no longer a restaurant, its now a bank)


More photos, and the rest of the display, can be seen here:
http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 28&t=66280

  by newpylong
How about the B&M Boxcars at the old Agway on the Worcester line? I think there is at least one in Wilmington, MA near the spur to Wilmington CS.
  by SpiderHill
About five or six years ago an arsonist burnt down the Lancaster Agway, the diner below the bridge, and broke in to some of the other business in the area and robbed them all in one night. Agway relocated, the property was sold and a small office park was built in its place. I'm thinking there was only one forty foot boxcar there and it had been pulled away from loading dock. I know Agaway had it for storage and discontinued using it. The boxcar was burnt to a crisp with virtually no paint left. I believe the car was cut up prior to construction of the office park. The amazing thing about this incident is the old Thayer train station across the tracks from the Agway driveway didn't get burned and still stands today.
  by Paul
For what it's worth, Here is one of my three ex B&M GP40s.
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  by MEC407
  by atsf sp
Were those HATX GP40-2s at the G&F now bought outright?
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