• Surprise at Syracuse State Fairgrounds

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by SST
Next week I get my vaccination here in SYR. Being deaf and not wanting to run into any problems I did a dry run today. Besides, it was something to do. While cruising along the I-90 I'm looking at the abandoned ROW the runs along side the eastbound lane just east of the Port Byron rest area where it is buried under Rt31. While I'm looking at it I see something. Dang, it's CSX eastbound. I'm doing 72 and he's likely doing 69ish. You can't see that while the leaves are on the trees. Heavy coverage of trees and brush. I never caught up with the locomotive(s).

I pulled into the state fairgrounds and watched everyone walking around in a controled chaos. Piece of cake. While I was leaving I see the collection of various RR items along the backside. Compliments to whoever takes care of them. Very nice display. Made my day a little nicer.
  by NaugyRR
It is an awesome display. I've been up a couple of times while I was in high school, my FFA Chapter used to bring us to the Farm Show and I'd sneak off to climb the giant snowbanks by the display.

Do they still have the Turboliner cab mock-up?
  by BR&P
Nice to see a couple NYC cabooses preserved in good shape! :-D

Let me get this straight - you live in Buffalo, and you are driving to Syracuse to get your shots? Crazy! I know people from Rochester, who went to Buffalo to get THEIR shots. The whole thing is screwed up worse than Hogan's Goat!
  by SST
A friend of mine had to go from Buffalo to Rochester because the appointments around here are geared for only the poor neighborhoods. If you don't live is a poor zip code you're not eligible. Plus the appointments that do get posted get taken within minutes. The other day i was up a little earlier and checked the postings. Syracuse came up so I grabbed one. My pharmacy and my moms pharmacy have no clue when they'll be stocked. Syracuse here I come!

On my way home and with sun light at different angles I spotted some huge bridge abutments over the abandoned ROW. Near mp 298 I think it was. Another near 302. I haven't had a chance to view the list of MP's above. Both east of Rt31. Amazing what you can see when the leaves are down.
  by lvrr325
All of that equipment belongs to the CNY NRHS, some of it has been there for 50 years.

cnynrhs.org is their website.

The turboliner cab shell had an EMD FT control stand in it and has been moved to Martisco. All it was, was a spare nose they were given when the program to redo them was ended.

Westbound on I-90 the mainline is visible from around Jordan to Weedsport; the set of abutments with the arched section is interurban, the next set is West Shore. West Shore ROW is very visible from Warners to this spot east of Weedsport. The mainline has visible patches from Jordan to Weedsport.
  by Benjamin Maggi
That Amtrak GG1 scheme is my personal favorite of all the GG1 schemes (ducks now ).
  by NaugyRR
Haha, I'm pretty partial to it as well
  by SST
After driving half way back to SYR I suddenly remembered that I left all my printed paperwork on my desk. Crap! But fortunately I didn't delete any emails and I was able to access all of them and use that to get my shot. All is well. Phew!

After the shot I drove over to the east side of Dewitt and parked at the pedestrian bridge and walked into Trappers pizza. The view is excellent although you can't see the yard, just the entrance to the yard at the ped ridge. Pizza was good to.

Here are several pictures. First picture is from inside the restaurant. Second and third are from the ped bridge looking West. Signal on far left is solid yellow over solid red. Signals on the other end were all red.

This place was worth the visit.
  by RSD15
Although there is no connection to track 2, that is CSX control point 282( cp282 ) at the east end of Dewitt Yard Minoa NY.
  by SST
After getting my second shot I stopped for lunch on my way home. The rest area was Warner. When I got up to leave I see a large mural. This morning I looked it up in existing stations under Onondaga county. Not certain this matches what's on the list. I don't see Warner on the list. Thought somebody might find this interesting.

EDIT: I found the full picture with Bing:

https://th.bing.com/th/id/Re6721f3dd8f7 ... pid=ImgRaw
  by nydepot
Yes, that one is gone but several remain. I even have a model of one. They would make a nice backyard shed.