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  by Allan
Yesterday, while in midtown Manhattan I came across 4 signs mounted on the uptown entrances to the 51st St station on the 6 (photo taken yesterday 3/27/2024 below).

For those who will ask: "what is wrong with the sign"? The answer is that that sign (and the other 3 like it) show the "V" bullet. The V train was discontinued on June 25, 2010, meaning that those signs have been unchanged for nearly 14 years. I find it surprising (or maybe I shouldn't) that the MTA when changing all the V signs to M back in 2010 would have missed these.

When the temporary reroute thru late Spring of this year of the M to 57th St/7th Av and the F via the 53rd St tunnel began, the MTA spared no time in changing the F bullet at 57/7 to M and the M bullet in the stations (and entrances) in the stations at 53/Lex and 53/5 to F and still they missed the ones at 51/Lex (there is a passageway from the 6 platform connecting to the E/F platform).

Anyway, I have sent a note to the MTA (via their 'Contact Us' function) and included the photo below. I have done things like this many times before to alert them that some of the signage was "off" and they have fixed them. Let's see how long it takes to update the V signs.
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  by Allan
I happened to be in the 51st St area yesterday and the signs have been updated. The V bullet has been covered by the M bullet.

Whether this was done in response to my comment to the MTA or they had already caught it and was going to update it when they were changing the F to M signs just before the service on the F and M returned to normal (with the completion of the 63rd St tunnel repair project on 4/1/2024) - I don't know but it isn't important. Either way the signs got updated (after a very long period of being out of date.

The photo below was taken on 4/4/2024 and is of the same entrance from the pic in the above posting.
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  by lensovet
Glad to hear it.

Highly recommend reporting issues when you see them. While there's no guarantee a reported issue will get fixed, it's guaranteed that an un-reported issue will never get noticed or addressed.