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  by 4400Washboard
What R62As have been transferred to the 6 line. Here's what I remember:

1651-1655, 1740-1745 (1741 is missing for some reason-I've seen it before on the 6 line though), either 2030 or 2080 (Both are my top 5 favorite R62A cars so I'm really pissed off at the MTA for this), 1670-1675 and multiple others. I haven't seen any 1800s-2400s #d R62As yet on the 6 line.

Here are the R188s I've seen:

All the way to 7875.

Are any of the converted R142As in service yet (Esp. 7211 . Last time I rode 7211 was back in the first year the 6 train's R142As entered service)

Is there a scheduled retirement date for the R32s and R42s coming up? Is there a specific quarter of 2015 that they are due to be retired? Any retirement party/special run planned?
  by runningwithscalpels
I rode a train of 62's on the 6 on Wednesday, unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to numbering of the cars.
  by 4400Washboard
Update: 1750-1746 spotted, 1721-1725, 18XX-18XX

Huge congestion on the 6 today so i got to see 2 R62A sets
  by 4400Washboard