Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by Jeff Smith
Somewhat tongue in cheek: Buzzfeed

Some humorous insights... my favorite is the G train. Read the rest at the above link.
The Definitive Ranking Of New York City Subway Trains

21. The C train

LITERALLY THE WORST TRAIN. As in, voted the worst NYC train for FOUR straight years. It’s loud, slow, it smells and it is ugly. It is a prehistoric beast with no divided seats and handlebars only a dog could hold. Gross. Equivalent New York experience: Stepping in poop on the sidewalk that is neither discernibly human nor canine....
10. The D train

D stands for “delightful,” maybe. ESPECIALLY that long uninterrupted stretch between Grand St. and Atlantic. Possibly the best Brooklyn/Manhattan crossing you could ask for. Equivalent New York experience: Elevator in your building.
8. The 2 train

You’re hot and you’re cold / You’re yes and you’re no / In Manhattan you’re fast / But in the Bronx you’re so slow. Equivalent New York experience: Having a super amazing OkCupid date but then they never text you again.
6. The G train

No, hear us out: What the G train lacks in speed or flair, it makes up for in rustic charm. The G is the only way to get from north to south Brooklyn, and even when it’s * up, it’ll take care of you. Also, you can’t pull any bullshit on the G train: One time someone was holding the doors on a train I was on, and the conductor hit the brakes, yelled “oh HELL no,” got out and got rid of the guy, then got back into the conductor booth thing like nothing had happened. Bad. ASS.
Equivalent New York experience: The guy with the cat on his head.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
Old news...I posted this to Facebook ages ago. I remember the Katy Perry line ;)

I think in the mean time the C has still managed to finish at the bottom of the Straphangers ratings every year. It seems like a lot of those gripes were always related to the 32s...I wonder if the raters are less whiny given the prevalence of 160s on the C now.
  by Personality Sphere #0324
Hmm, my favorite would have to be the 1 train, which I give 4.5 stars. It was the first line iv'e ridden on, and stops at some important places such as South Ferry (Its a shame they closed the loop), Columbia University. Penn Station, and Times Square. But thats only my opinion.
  by Backshophoss
After Sandy flooded out the "new" South Ferry station,NYCTA had to reopen the South Ferry loop station. :-)