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  by Kilo Echo
The resurgence of subway graffiti is causing problems for the MTA: Subway Graffiti Costs and Delays Up as New Generation Makes Its Mark.

Fair use:
THE CITY wrote:The troubling trend saw New York City Transit’s annual graffiti cleaning costs surge to $610,956 in 2018 — an increase of 364% from the $131,539 spent just two years earlier.
  by ExCon90
Send somebody up to New Brunswick to ask David Gunn how he did it.
  by alchemist
That was 30 years ago -- hard to believe. As an example for those who weren't around, the entire #7 fleet was painted white and cars taken out of service for cleaning as soon as anything was seen on them. The Corona yard was given a double chain-link fence with German Shepherds between the fences. Gunn dared the graffiti painters to do their thing.
  by jwhite07
Not to split hairs, but Mr. Gunn resides on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, not New Brunswick. Pretty country up there, either way, and I'm sure he could care less about graffiti in NYC nowadays! :wink:
  by ExCon90
I wasn't sure and just took a guess. But he certainly knew how to deal with the problem, which was considered at the time to be so bad that nobody knew where to start.
  by BuddR32
Just another indication that relaxed quality of life policies are sliding the city back into the 1970's
  by ExCon90
Just about everywhere that seems to be the only thing that works; If the perpetrators finally get it that their efforts are being wiped out as soon as discovered the frenzy of graffiti dies down.