• Study: Rail Freight Tunnel Would Reduce Traffic

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by JLo
Fears of the "trash train" mobilize Hudco politicians to oppose the Cross-Harbor Tunnel.

http://www.nj.com/news/jjournal/index.s ... 376412.xml

  by Jtgshu
My God that was one of the worst stories I think I ever read.......what is wrong with these people????

Mayor Cunningham is discussing the effect on the low income and disadvantaged along the ROW, but how about a big construction project to put these poeple to work??? I think all the trucks traveling to NYC, LI and the entire Northeast should be routed through the Holland Tunnel. Then he can discuss about environmental impacts of a freight tunnel with a few locomotives hauling hundreds of truckloads of goods.

Rebuild the bergen arches and have the tunnel at the end (im not familiar with the various lines, current and former, in the JC area, so that way, the trains can come out of the tunnel, and just travel through the city, almost completely underground and out of the way to a location where people and towns will want to have the benefit of the termendous traffic and jobs and opportunities these trains will provide. Not to mention making the roads safer and cheaper ot maintain with the less wear and tear on them from teh trucks

  by rvrrhs
According to Greenfield, trains entering Jersey City through the tunnel would use existing tracks on the New Jersey side, decreasing their availability to Jersey City industries and ports.

"If they become occupied by trains heading through the tunnel, it's a problem for Jersey City firms that rely on the rail. (It is also a problem) for the potential for future expansion," he said.

Isn't this a matter for the rail carrier(s) to address?
NYCEDC spokeswoman Janel Patterson declined to comment on the project yesterday, but according to her organization's Web site, the tunnel would reduce truck traffic on area roads and improve air quality.

Because New York City relies almost entirely on trucks to move freight into and out of the region, the Web site said, trucks are a significant contributor to traffic congestion.
The potential for the tunnel to be used for trash hauling has also raised concerns.

Although the NYCEDC's environmental impact study did not consider the effects of transporting solid waste through the tunnel - waste was not on the list of potential tunnel cargo - Jersey City is bracing for trash to eventually make its way through the underwater passage.

"You have to look at what we know," Greenfield said. "We know that New York City has a problem that they're trying to solve as to how to move their garbage. They're looking to build a tunnel from New York City to Jersey City. I think the rest is just deduction."
Gee, Jersey City, would you rather have definite air pollution and traffic congestion, or the REMOTE possibility that trash MIGHT be hauled on these trains, with the even more REMOTE possibility that some trash from this remotely possible train MIGHT get loose within Jersey City?
The mayor also said the tunnel could affect the future development of the city's waterfront.

"Who wants to live next to a train that runs by every 15 minutes?" he said.

Gee, Mr. Cunningham. Welcome to Jersey City, home of PATH service, Hudson-Bergen LRT, several NJT lines, and various freight lines and yards.
Along with additional environmental studies, the council resolution calls for alternatives to be considered, including a tunnel connecting Brooklyn and Newark, a Hudson River bridge crossing at Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and the expansion of the existing rail freight network.
I'm surprised they didn't mention the possibility of using the SIRR from Howland Hook to St. George, with a tunnel from St. George to the 65th Street Yard in Brooklyn.

  by Irish Chieftain
Nice to see the circle of fools from Jersey City, whom will not be affected adversely by the tunnel, chiming in. I agree that the trash trucks should now run out of the Holland Tunnel and up 1&9, even along the NJTP Hudson County Spur, so they can all get a whiff. Trash trains are a far superior method of transportation than the trash trucks I see all over I-80 and I-78 headed westward—sealed with nothing more secure than a tarpaulin over the top...! Of course, as the article mentioned, waste would not be running through the tunnel, so this is a moot point they are dragging up.

Same mentality that caused the Bergen Cut of the old CNJ Newark & New York branch to be filled in, so that HBLRT's West Side Avenue branch can have accidents at the new King Drive grade-crossing...

Ah, now they are looking at "expansion of the existing freight network". Very good—there are a number of abandoned and reduced-service rail lines that can be restored right now in order to get rid of those pesky capacity constraints. And funny thing is, they mentioned a Poughkeepsie rail crossing—but doesn't one exist even today? Can you say L&HR...?? Go knock on Conrail's door and complain about them being "truck enablers"...

  by CNJ
This rail freight tunnel is quite simply an absolutely stupid idea.

Bring the carfloats back if you must....................