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  by ConstanceR46
As i understand, the LIRR's fleet of G5s were occasionally supplemented by E6s and K4s. My question is - did the latter 2 ever carry the LIRR's lettering on their tenders?
  by docsteve
Yes. See the photo of 5741 at the arrts-archives web site.
  by 452 Card
That was an LIRR endeavor from within to increase coal volume. All the leased PRR motive power that came to the LIRR had PRR tenders marked as such. Also, the pilot beam on each unit had PRR-only graphics. The LIRR did change some of the pilots to plows instead of the basket-weave PRR type, or vice versa.
  by belpaire
Just to clarify what 452 Card said, the LIRR swapped tenders on the 5741. It's PRR tender was replaced with LIRR #21's tender for a while. It got back it's own tender which is still with it at the RRMPA. 21's tender is also still around, preserved with LIRR #35.
  by RGlueck
Tender swaps were very commonplace during the steam years. Long Island never relettered a Pennsy locomotive as a Long Island locomotive after it arrived. E6s and K4s locomotives, along with supplemental G5's, H9-s, and H-10s were also leased retaining their own fleet numbers and returning with their own tenders or class tender. If you are modeling the steam era of the LIRR, remember the E6s's were gone when Dieselization occurred, and the K4s's lasted until 1951.
  by ConstanceR46
So - the LIRR never owned any E6 or K4, but some *did* carry LIRR lettering, huh?
  by RGlueck
NO! LIRR leased Pennsy locomotives of classes K4s, E6s, H9s, H-10s, and G5s. Several L1s Mikados were on the property at one time as well. NONE WERE LETTERED FOR THE LIRR. However G5s and H-10s locomotives may have swapped tenders with LIRR locomotives being serviced at Morris Park. I have never seen a photo of an E6s with an LIRR tender.
It is interesting to note, of the locomotives permanently enshrined at RMPA, the K4s, E6s, G5s, and H-10s, were all leased to the Long Island at one time or another.

If you are a Long Island fan and not a member of the PRR T&HS, you are walking in the dark with blinders. Great resource and font of information.