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  by DonPevsner
I rode Amtrak #42 from Pittsburgh-Philadephia-New York Penn on November 22, and noticed that the "flying junction" at Thorndale appeared to be torn-up. Is the entire PRR Trenton Cutoff still intact, and still operated in its entirety devoid of catenary? Where does this Cutoff first join the PRR mainline between Philadelphia and Harrisburg?
  by JimBoylan
The connection near Frazier is still used. West of there bypassing Downingtown to Thorndale is torn up.
  by timz
Depends what you mean by "Trenton Cutoff".

Eastward from Thorndale, the PRR built the low-grade double-track Philadelphia & Thorndale that rose up from between the eastward and westward main line tracks, crossed above the eastward mains and ran south of the main for several miles, then crossed above the main on that massive thru-truss at Whitford, then ran closely parallel to it to Glen or Dale (or something like that). At that point there was a "one-way" flyunder connection from the main line-- an eastward train on the main line could cross to the low-grade line, but an eastward train on the low-grade couldn't get back to the main line. In other words, despite the name, an eastward train that got on the P&T at Thorndale couldn't go to Philadelphia, only to the Trenton Cutoff.

The P&T track is all gone-- dunno if the Trenton Cutoff itself has been severed.
  by kemacprr
The Trenton Cutoff is still intact. It's now single track from the bridge over teh Schuykill to Glen. Signals are gone. P&T is all gone. Since the A&S is gone no reason for thru traffic on the west end of the cutoff. Existing track is in good shape all welded rail and well maintained by NS. In fact they cut back all the brush/trees that have made the line a tree tunnel for a number of years. Now it can be seen but only one train per day for Mittal in Coatesville. ---------- Ken McCorry
  by Septa Fan
What about Ernest yard ? Is it still intact ? Also is there still a connection between the Cut-off and the Schyukill Division ?
  by westernfalls
Septa Fan wrote:What about Ernest yard? Is it still intact? Also, is there still a connection between the Cut-off and the Schyukill Division?
Intact? Not really; there's a siding there and some other tracks but it's not the yard it used to be. There's still a connection there but it's not to the former Schuylkill Division; that's a bike trail. The connection passes through that right-of-way to SEPTA's (former RDG) Norristown Branch. Together with the cutoff east of Earnest and the connection to the Main Line west of DeKalb St. station, it forms a major through route for the NS.
  by glennk419
The cutoff east of Norristown hosts 6-8 trains a day, including a roundtrip NS unit gon train and several CSX stack trains which use it due to height restrictions created by catenary at Woodbourne and bridge clearances on the ex-NY Short Line. This past week, I noticed a long string of NS and CR coil cars apparently being stored between Earnest and the end of double track on the bridge over the Schuykill River adjacent to the PA turnpike.
  by Big Bri
NS Trains that use the Cut-off East of KING(old Earnest Yd.)
20E/21E TOFC/Stacks (Chgo-47 st./Morrisville)return
20Q/21Q TOFC/Stack (Chgo-AA/Morrisville)return
14G Manifest (Conway/Morrisville)
17G Manifest (Morrisville/Conway) Mon-Sat
66z mty Gons (Fairless) As required
67Z Slab loads (???) As required

NS Local to and from Abrams/Coatesville(runs Amtrak's Keystone Mainline)
H-83 or H-3A (Sun-Fri)

CSX Stack trains
Q-190 (Phila./S. Karney) Tue-Sun
Q-191 (S. Karney/Phila) Sun-Fri

Between KING and Morrisville is "Cab Signal" territory.Lead engine must be equipped.

Radio Frequencies are:
160.800 AAR 46/46 Ch. 1 NS Mainline Disp.
161.460/160.590 AAR 90/32 Septa R-6 Between FORD & KALB
160.635 AAR 35/35 Amtrak Keystone Mainline (Overbrook-HBG) THORN & Paoli towers quite clear!

Hope that helps,
http://thecrhs.org/?q=ScenicAndActionGa ... ianFerrell

  by bailsman
New to this forum. I worked for Conrail from 1975 through 1980 in the Maintenance of Way division. Worked out of Ernest Yard on the Trenton Cutoff and the P & T which were both operational at the time. Fond memories of being on the "Highbridge" over 322 in Downingtown in the summer of '76 operating a Tie Destroyer built by Marmon Transmotive. Funny, but I still dream of working on the tracks 30 years later! Used to patrol the line twice a week during my last two years with Conrail, so I knew the tracks intimately.
  by KenK
Bailsman: I'd love to hear some stories when you have the time.
  by Jim in S.E. Pa.
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