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  by dmalohn
Dear Group,

Could anyone fill me in on which aspects the Staten Island Railway uses on their color-position light signals? I believe their aspect set is similar to that used by their former parent, the B&O, but I haven't come across a recent rule book to see exactly which aspects they use.

I noticed a previous post in this forum with mention of SIR's lunar aspects with marker light above or below (Permissive and Medium Permissive aspects on the B&O). Are these aspects used often on the SIR? Is there anywhere that you can regularly see them? Since those two aspects aren't used by the B&O's successors anymore, I wondered if it was possible to photograph them in use on the SIR.

Thank you,
Dave Malohn
  by andre
go to clifton station on the SIR on the St George bound platform, look west and you will see the aspects for the yard leads beyond the station. I dont have a picture at the moment, but next time i find myself there ill grab a picture
  by DaveBarraza
The call them "cab signal proceed" and "diverging cab signal proceed"

When the block is occupied between the signal and the next interlocking, you will get the lunar + marker. If you have operable cab signals, then you may proceed governed by them. If your CSS is busted or non-existent then the indication is "stop"