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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by SteelRail
Does anyone know when track 1 west of Binghamton will be taken out of service? The new bi-diretional signals on track 2 between Binghamton and Owego are all aimed and ready to go, and the local newspaper (Press & Sun Bulletin) had a mention of crossings being closed for work in late September. (http://www.pressconnects.com/article/20 ... or+repairs)
  by K4Pacific
Monday 9-19 is the official first day to Owego. Crossings are being worked this week.
  by K4Pacific
Silly me. Monday 9-20. Expect travel times between Binghamton to Waverly to improve obviously (for railfan time frames)
  by K4Pacific
Reports this morning that the cutover is official today. Phase two Owego to Waverly will be November. October will be clean up and start in.
  by ANDY117
I just got in from a little outing after I got out of work. The new signals are cut in between Johnson and MP 223. The old signals are all in place still at 216, 217, 219, 221, and 223. All the new signals are displaying stop in both directions. I plan on going out first thing in the morning to get photos of them before they're taken down.

As an aside, does anyone know what NS is doing with all the parts when they're taken down?
  by K4Pacific
Here are some documented oberservations fromt he Binghamton yahoo group from last night.

All trains were using the former Track 2 from Johnson City through Endicott and west. All the new signals were in service displaying a restricted proceed indication forcing everything to go slow. 39T went west after midnight. A couple of hours later the show started. 13T, 22K, 206 all came east literally right behind each other at restricted speed. Once 206 cleared the interlocking at 217, 23K headed west. There were NS signal maintainers out on Duane Av as well working on the crossing. It's slow going for a while.
  by ANDY117
As of an hour ago both signals at 223 are gone, as well as 2212 by Hayes ave. The searchlight at 222 is still standing for now, as was 219 this morning around 0930. I'll be going back out again shortly to check further west towards Owego.
  by SteelRail
From my view from Rte. 201, as of this afternoon, Track 1 is being pulled up just west of the start of the single track.

Now - what is the existing track being referred to? Any word on new train schedules?
  by ANDY117

Signals 2291(searchlight) and 2292 (modern 3 light vertical) are both standing as of 1300. 2311 (target) is completely gone, save for the concrete bases. 2332 (target) is in pieces in the lot across from Tioga Gardens. 2341(target) is in the weeds along NY 17C. CP 233 in Campville is operational, as well as CP 236 in Owego. I couldn't get down to the signals at 226 as they're on private property that's gated off, so I assume they're still there.

The concrete mileposts are by the yard office at QD from what I've heard. I'll check that later on tonight.
  by SteelRail
As of Tuesday evening, the searchlight at 222 was gone.

Any word on new train schedules, or are trains flowing according to the old schedule?

I still see an old signal head stashed in the weeds near where it formerly stood. Is NS receptive to offers on bits that are going to the scrapper?
  by bingdude
I hope you guys are taking pix and vids. It seems nobody did so when the DL&W was ripped up west of Bing.

I'll try to sneak up there this weekend and check it out.
  by SteelRail
Otto Vondrak wrote:I'm going to miss the little signal at 233/Hiawatha Road...


Little signal was in a pile of signal boxes and other debris on the opposite side of the tracks last night. I'll try to get over there after work and grab a few pics.
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