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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by BandA
correkt answer
  by apodino
Commuterrail1050 wrote: Sat Feb 03, 2024 6:04 pm Are they ever going to plan on extending stoughton line service once this starts or will it stay like this forever?
I would like to see it but Easton and Raynham are full of NIMBYs who don't want the trains. Stoughton is opposed as well, but I think you can get Stoughton on board with an easy pitch. At the Current Station, Wyman street is completely blocked while the train is stopped. If the extension happens, then the platforms would be south of Wyman street, meaning that Wyman street would not be blocked when Trains are stopped, which is better for Stoughton and everyone involved.

Easton just doesnt want the trains in their town. Raynham has used Environmental arguments in the past, saying that restoration will somehow damage the Hockomock swamp. I don't buy this at all, but I read a lot of letters in opposition to this in the past, and this was the main argument made, not grade crossings or any additional noise.
  by wicked
Folks may plan for the Hockomock swamp route to happen and there are conceptual plans for it, but that’s different from it actually happening.
  by mbrproductions
It might happen if they change the plans up a bit, NIMBYs are just an annoyance that can be overcome, just like they were in Greenbush
  by bostontrainguy
For a ridiculous cost.
  by BandA
The elephant in the room is the consent agreement between the state DCR and the US Army Corps of Engineers, including the ridiculous and unprecedented requirements baked in for "phase II". Which will never occur in the lifetime of anyone on this website. The NIMBYS have taken over the state government itself, along with their allies in environmental groups like the CLF and Sierra Club that wish to impose novel restrictions regardless of cost. Recall, this was a double tracked railroad main line established in the mid 1800s. Before the Shore Line was completed it was the primary route to NYC via steamships!
  by apodino
Here is the thing about those enviornmental groups. This is blatant hypocrisy. All the enviornmentalists out there say we have too many cars on the road and if you add more train it would take cars off the road and cut down pollution. But in this case, with a project that does everything they claim to purport, they say can't do it because of the enviornment. Which is it for goodness sakes? You can't have it both ways.
  by NH2060
bostontrainguy wrote:For a ridiculous cost.
And then some of the townspeople in Hingham reportedly COMPLAINED that no one on the train could see the town and therefore shop/stimulate the local economy…

You really cannot fix stupid.
  by pbj123
Wish this group had like buttons. So many remarks that are dead-on.
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