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Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by ConstanceR46
Any new development on the east is something good; it's not deserted anymore like it was years ago.
  by Jeff Smith
https://www.newsday.com/amp/long-island ... 1.26720975" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

LIRR announces March launch of commuter service to help ease traffic on South Fork
The South Fork service — intended for riders traveling within the South Fork — will not connect with trains traveling to or from New York City, making them unique in the LIRR network, according to Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials.
The service will provide six daily LIRR trains with stops in Speonk, Westhampton, Hampton Bays, Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Amagansett and Montauk and will operate Monday through Friday year-round. Some trains will connect with "last-mile" shuttle bus service to nearby workplaces and employment centers, according to details on the MTA’s website.

A $500,000 state grant awarded in January will pay for costs incurred by East Hampton and Southampton towns to provide the shuttles.
Jeff and Everyone:

Interesting news about new LIRR service options for the South Fork between Speonk and Montauk (44 miles) for 2019. This may be a good alternative to driving for those wishing to avoid the traffic bottleneck that exists between the two Shinnecock Canal bridges (east of Hampton Bays) into and including the Southampton area. A News 12 Long Island report about this new service mentions that many commute from the west to the Hamptons because of the high price of housing there.

http://web.mta.info/lirr/SouthForkCommu ... /index.htm

The LIRR has yard facilities at both ends of this proposed service and again would be a perfect fit for compliant DMU cars. This new service may stretch the DE/DM30 and C3 fleet out even more...

  by Jeff Smith
Does NYAR run any freight out that far? I agree it’s a good possibility for the Stadlers. Or maybe the Budds All-Earth in Vermont has squirreled away lol. But with nothing in the pipeline, equipment will be a big question.
  by Dump The Air
Jeff Smith wrote:Does NYAR run any freight out that far? .

last run to BH was in 2012 or 13

I found the News 12 Long Island news report about the LIRR SFCC service beginning on 3/3: http://longisland.news12.com/story/3989 ... -expansion

A reminder: Newsday and News 12 LI reports are subject to paywall restrictions. Optimum Cablevision and/or Newsday subscribers will have no viewing or reading limits.

  by Jeff Smith
MACTRAXX: There was a link to the LIRR announcement.

http://web.mta.info/lirr/SouthForkCommu ... /index.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Public use exception:

South Fork Commuter Connection

The South Fork Commuter Connection (SFCC) is a coordinated rail and bus system created to operate during peak commuting hours in order to provide workers with a public transportation travel option.

This service starts on Monday, March 4, 2019. It will operate Monday through Friday year-round, except for major legal holidays and on Fridays during the summer.

The service offers local LIRR trips, stopping in Speonk, Westhampton, Hampton Bays, Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Amagansett, and Montauk. Select trains will connect with ‘last-mile’ shuttle bus service to nearby workplaces and employment centers.

The schedule below will be in effect from Monday, March 4 through Friday, May 17, 2019. Summer timetables will be available in early May.

Click the following links for connecting shuttle service schedules:

East Hampton

Destinations and schedules will vary by station, so please review carefully. Shuttle schedules and routes are flexible and subject to change based on demand, time of the year and traffic conditions. Advance notice will be provided for any planned shuttle service changes. Payment for the last-mile shuttle is included in the train ticket purchase; see Fare & Ticketing Information.

The fare is $4.25 one-way for any travel between Speonk and Montauk, and includes the train ride and local ‘last-mile’ shuttle services.

Tickets may be purchased from any staffed Ticket Window as well as Full-Service Ticket Machines, under the Deals & Getaways menu. Tickets are good for travel in either direction and are valid for 60 days from the date of purchase.

Please note that the SFCC ticket is a package ticket, with two parts: an LIRR ticket and a voucher for shuttle bus services that must be presented in order to board the buses. Please be sure to wait until both the ticket and voucher have been deposited into the Ticket Machine tray. As this package ticket includes a shuttle voucher, it cannot be purchased on the train or through MTA eTix.

Effective, March 4, Full-Service Ticket Machines will be available at the following stations:
Hampton Bays

We recommend buying tickets for both rides in the AM to prepare for the return trip, as a ticket must be presented before boarding the shuttles.

Commuters traveling from west of the Shinnecock Canal are encouraged to park at an LIRR station west of the canal (Speonk, Westhampton, Hampton Bays), then ride the train to their destination east of the canal. At the stations east of the canal, ‘last-mile’ shuttle services will bring riders to the Villages, hamlets and employment centers. Late-afternoon bus and train services will return riders to their stations of origin.

Parking West of the Canal:
Free, unrestricted parking is available at the LIRR's Speonk and Westhampton stations. Free, unrestricted parking is also available at Hampton Bays Station, along Good Ground Road, and the Town is creating additional parking near Ponquogue Avenue. Please do not park in private and/or commercial parking lots near the stations.

Parking East of the Canal:
Regulations are in place at most of the station parking lots east of the canal. If you are considering parking in one of these lots, please contact the municipality in which the lot is located for more information.

Parking Location Information:
Amagansett, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Hampton Bays, Montauk, Speonk, Southampton, Westhampton
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Jeff: Your MTA link directly duplicates what I posted yesterday.
You found the Newsday link and I found the News 12 LI report. In that regard we're even. :wink:

The $4.25 fare will be $2 less for riders beginning their trips at Speonk - which is at the east end
of Zone 12. The current one-way fare from Speonk to any stations Westhampton to Montauk is
$6.25 prepaid from a TVM. (the on-board fare is $12 and may be the same with the SFCC fare.)

Westhampton to Montauk (and any two stations in between) are in Zone 14 with the minimum
local one way fare of $3.25 ($9 on board) meaning an increase of $1 under SFCC. It only pays
to purchase the higher $4.25 fare if you intend to use one of the connection buses making the
cost for the extra bus ride $1. In the News 12 TV report LIRR President Phil Eng mentions the
new SFCC tickets will be good for 60 days as current LIRR one way and round trip tickets are.

Jeff Smith wrote:Three new trains each way, and an inexpensive fare!
Wonder what the parking situation is at Speonk...
Jeff: This new service will only require ONE set of equipment:

6:16 AM Speonk >7:08 AM Amagansett
7:27 AM Amagansett < 8:01 AM Hampton Bays
8:26 AM Hampton Bays > 9:19 AM Montauk
12:58 PM Montauk < 2:15 PM Speonk
3:00 PM Speonk > 4:14 PM Montauk
4:50 PM Montauk < 5:43 PM Hampton Bays
(likely deadhead to Speonk Yard)

All of the other trains listed are regular Montauk Branch service...The parking situation in Speonk, Westhampton and Hampton Bays will be interesting to monitor after the new service begins 3/3.

  by Mattg17
This is interesting. I think this will give me an excuse to actually head out to Montauk by train rather than driving (although i'd still have to drive to Speonk). I decided to compare the current schedules to the one on the site, and I noticed two things that caught my attention:

- In the current schedules, 2737 is scheduled to leave at 6:21, five minutes after the new eastbound leaves (and i'll ignore the planned meet with 2703 at RPK). Now i'm not sure if the plan would be to quickly shove the set out of the yard after the 6:16 depart but I think that it would a little too close if anything were to go awry with the eastbound.
- In regards to the equipment after the 4:50 from Montauk, it would most likely have to jump into the siding at RPK for 2710/2798 on Fridays since the latter would have already left Westhampton by the time the new shuttle arrives.

Regardless of what they do, i'm intrigued to see how this service plays out when it starts.
  by Backshophoss
Might be a good idea to install a TVM at Montauk station, as part of the service,most residents there hate State route 27 during the summer
to travel to Speonk to shop there. :wink:
1-All of the stations between Speonk and Montauk are equipped with Ticket Vending Machines.
The only Montauk Branch station without a TVM is Bellport.
2-From Montauk west the closest "Downtown" areas to LIRR stations are located in East Hampton
Southampton and Hampton Bays that are within reasonable walking distance.
There is no shopping area near Speonk Station.
If you have use of a car you are likely NOT riding the LIRR to go shopping in the Hamptons... :wink: