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  by Jeff Smith
The Globe and Mail
Train partners Alstom, Bombardier hit bump with Montreal subway cars

Montreal’s transit authority is pulling new trains built by Bombardier Inc. and Alstom SA out of service following an equipment problem over the weekend that forced the shutdown of a subway line for several hours.

The Societé de transport de Montréal said Monday it has temporarily removed from operation 12 trains built jointly by the rail manufacturers while it investigates the cause of an incident on Saturday.

The Azur trains are brand new, part of a fleet of 52 trains being delivered by the manufacturers’ consortium to Montreal to replace the city’s aging fleet of rubber-tired vehicles at a cost of $1.2-billion.

Bombardier referred questions on the matter to Alstom, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Alstom’s scope of work for the contract includes the supply of more than 900 bogies for the metro cars as well as the automatic train control system. Bogies are the the structures that support the metro car and powers the acceleration as well as supplying brakes, guidance and suspension.
  by Jeff Smith
Surprised there's no topic for the subway!

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Montreal transit agency gets green light to buy more Azur trains

Quebec government leaders have adopted special legislation that will pave the way for the Societe de transport de Montreal (STM) to acquire new Azur subway trains.

The move will allow STM to order additional Azur units from the Bombardier plant in La Pocatiere, Quebec, the Montreal Gazette reported. The legislation includes a clause that rules out any legal challenges to the purchase, according to the newspaper.

The new law means that STM can begin negotiations for more Azur trains, agency officials said in a press release.
The release didn't state how many new cars STM plans to order. Bombardier's current contract calls for building 468 cars. The agreement is valued at CA$6.3 billion, according to the Montreal Gazette.
  by mdvle
Don't really have a problem with this, the big thing with any transit oriented organization is fleet standardization as much as possible to reduce costs so it make sense to try and get more of the same.
  by Ken V
Jeff Smith wrote:Surprised there's no topic for the subway!
Technically the Montréal Métro does not qualify for railroad.net since it runs with rubber tires and not on rails :wink: .
djlong wrote:Well there ARE steel wheels on steel rails that are used for guidance!
Note the arrow in the photo below pointing to the steel wheel behind the rubber tires.

And looking from right to left:
-Steel Rail
-Concrete 'track' for the rubber tires level with the top of the steel rail
-'Third Rail' for electric pick-up
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  by gaspeamtrak
The newer cars look narrower?
Another question? Are they air-conditioned???
I always the Montreal subway system awful hot in the summer!!! :( :(
Hopefully the cars are air -conditioned then??? :-D
Thanks in advance!!!
  by ExCon90
I remember that the original cars were not air-conditioned, and the flexing of the rubber tires generated so much heat that the trains and stations were hot and stuffy year round. The windows in the end doors of the cars were left open, for whatever good that might do.
  by Silverliner II
The new cars actually are not equipped with air conditioning. Just fans in the ceilings.
  by chriskay
It’s shocking the new stock doesn’t have AC. I’m guessing there’s an engineering reason why this isn’t possible?
  by mdvle
Article (linked below, talks the metro in the last paragraph) mentions that the problem is the closed nature of the system which means there is no easy way to deal with the heat generated by the air conditioning, which just means the tunnels / stations get even hotter. I believe the London Underground has a similar issue on their deep tube lines.

https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal ... -1.3198587