Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by BobLI
Since the December snow storm the south bound A train has been crawling just north of the Aqueduct/Conduit station to just south of the Conduit bridges. is there a signal problem or track problem which would cause the slow crawling speed?
  by Andrew
There is a slow speed order sign of 10MPH that is probably for the falling leaves during November and December.When I operated the A train train I was suprised to still see it there.

Perhaps more trains than normal were overrunning the platform hence the sign still being there.
  by BobLI
I guess they forgot to remove the slow speed signs because there sure arent any leaves on the tracks in February. Or January either! I did notice a sign on a yellow wooden pole just before we slow down.