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  by cobra30689
History question.....

Being born and raised in Elizabeth, I knew the PRR main was 4 tracks LONG before electrification. But does anyone know when A and B track were laid between Elmora and Union?
  by timz
Somewheres around 1911. The intention was to have six tracks all the way to Lane.

Remember that plan to build a freight line from Morrisville, running south of Trenton to rejoin the four-track main around Colonia? The six tracks Elmora-Union was the first part of that plan.

Ever notice how Rahway had a high platform between tracks 2 and 3, to go with the one between 4 and B? Presumably the intention was to have those two island platforms on the four passenger tracks-- the two freight tracks would be SE of the four-track main.
  by kilroy
The platform between tracks 2 and 3 was a low level platform. It has been removed at this point.
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I would like to see a relevant track map showing this routing...

  by Jeff Smith
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  by timz
The platform between tracks 2 and 3 at Rahway was a high level-- dunno until when. 1950s? I assume when they removed it they didn't replace it with anything, but for all I know maybe it was a low-level platform for an unknown period after the high-level was removed. Don't plan on seeing a pic of a low-level, tho.
  by kilroy
Well that would predate me. I've never seen a photo with high level platforms there.

The low level platform wasn't very big, more like a slab of concrete. They didn't use it much but once in a while a train would stop. I think I got off there once.

Attached is a shot I took in 1977 with some people sitting there. They don't look like railroad employees so I suspect they are waiting for one of those once in a blue moon stops there.

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... ?id=941002