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  • Important information from RAILROAD.NET site administrators. Need help using this site? Check here first! Your question may already have been answered here.
Important information from RAILROAD.NET site administrators. Need help using this site? Check here first! Your question may already have been answered here.

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  by chrisf
DutchRailnut wrote:use better browser??
It's not a browser problem.
  by DutchRailnut
only see firefox people cry.
  by b&m 1566
I don't use firefox.
  by chrisf
DutchRailnut wrote:only see firefox people cry.
Sorry, you’re wrong. The error is generated by the web server itself, not a browser. I see it regardless of the browser I use. I didn’t even try Firefox.
  by DutchRailnut
have not seen it on my browser.
  by arthur d.
I was getting this on my notebook running Windows 10/Firefox, but not the laptop running Win7/ Firefox. I deleted the bookmark in the notebook, I then googled Railroad.net, then clicked on that when it came up in search results. The page opened normally, I then bookmarked it. Its been fine since then.
  by scottychaos
Its definately not related to any one specific browser.
I tried it on:

Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge

On Windows 10.
Same error on all browsers.

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  by BandA
Your server is running PHP version 5.3.29 but WordPress 5.2.1 requires at least 5.6.20.
This error message is the entire contents returned by the server when you go to the home page of the website. "Do not adjust your screens, we control the vertical, we control the horizontal."

The error is self-explanatory; the administrators of this website are running incompatible versions of software. The administrators need to fix this. Or not.

A worldwide-web server is a "stack" of software. Here in the forum section, they are probably running: Apache webserver to format and "serve" you the web pages you ask for, mySQL relational database to store all the stuff we've typed in + configuration stuff like our passwords & which posts are unread, php which is an easy to understand programming language that here basically extends what the web pages can do, and phpBB which is a complex forum software package written in php, that does most of the heavy lifting.

phpBB doesn't reference any WordPress scripts so that is why you don't see the error here.

My laptop is running php 7.2.17-0, so you can see the version of php they are using is very old. The version of phpBB is also very old.

There is a help and site issues thread under general, but since I am prevented from writing to it I'm not going to worry about it. And it hasn't been updated since 2015!!
  by Jeff Smith
We're aware of the issue. We're running an older version of php; hopefully, we'll have this resolved in the near future. Stay tuned...
  by gprimr1
We've launched an aggressive series of improvements to both the forums and the main site.

The forum has been upgraded from 3.0.11 to 3.2.7.

PHP on the server is now in the 7.x series, where it should be.

SSL/HTTPS is now enabled site wide.

A responsive theme is in place and hopefully will get better soon.

The home page now works and will continue to undergo some state of good repair work this weekend.

I am working with the server hosting company to investigate and address the 503 errors.

A few other tidbits and state of good repair items before we start looking at new features.
  by gprimr1
We are now using Cloudflare to protect the site against out of control web crawlers and other things slowing the site down.

Most people shouldn't see a change, but if you are using a VPN, you may be challenged with capatcha.

If you use a consistent IP on your VPN, send it to [email protected] and we can white list it.
  by Jeff Smith
Supplemental: some new features with some of the upgrades as well, including "Quick Reply" at the bottom of a thread.
  by Jeff Smith
Greg and I are aware of the server issues... sometime within the next couple days, we'll be migrating to a new host and dedicated server. I know it's been inconvenient. but hey, the site has been performing much better overall in the last year! We've got even more improvements in mind so stay tuned!