Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by hazmatmess
I've lived on SI for 17 years and now I live right near the SIRT. I read that the SIR has to comply with FRA standards. What are the differences between the SIR and the subway? I know the SIR uses CPL lights and the horns sound different but what else is different?
  by R36 Combine Coach
SIRT is no longer FRA/ICC jurisdiction. The R44s, when delivered in 1973 did had some modifications for AAR/FRA standards, such as exterior grab irons. There are no FRA cards in the R44 cabs.
  by hazmatmess
Well then…. LoL Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. So I am guessing that when and if new cars are ever delivered to SI, they'll be just like regular subway cars with no extra modifications needed?
  by andre
Last I checked SIRT was still under FRA but opperating the R44SI cars under waiver from the FRA since the tottenville line does not currently connect to the national network
  by DaveBarraza
SIRTOA is embargoed, they are no longer FRA since they became severed from the national rail network.

They still comply with some FRA regulations at their discretion, and their rule book is more like a Railroad one than the NYCT one.
  by expbusop
Always wondered why SIRT needed four new work engines to replace the two that they had?
  by tdoran1951
NORAC Rules – Same as, NJT, MN, SEPTA, AMT, et al. (FRA has to approve rules)
ATC/CSS Signal System - Same as, NJT, MN, SEPTA, AMT, et al. (FRA controls specifications)
PTC Overlay Provision – Capable future upgraded same as, NJT, MN, SEPTA, AMT, et al.

But not under FRA jurisdiction ort control, nor STB for the moment.

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