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  by mp15ac
I was looking at photos of R-26 cars at http://www.nycsubway.org site and came across of photo of a single R-26 car #7755, followed by a pair of R-12s, and then other cars. Now I know that the R-26's were set up as married pairs (protestant) where the batteries and motor generator were on the even numbered cars, and the air compressor was on the odd numbered cars, hence neither could run without the other. So how was a single R-26 able to operate in this train?


  by pbass
It could not be in revenue service without a mate.The move had to be a shop move.
  by railfan365
Actually, if an R-26 car can be in any consist without being mated to another R-26, it can be in revenue service. If it's lacking its own compresssor, the brakes could run on air from the rest of the train, same as if it were in a mated pair. If its lacking its own backup power, it could rget emergency power from the rest of the train, same as in a mated train.
  by pbass
If the 'B' end coupler with electric portion is an H2C coupler,then I stand corrected.Other MTA electric cars I have worked with have a different coupler on the 'B' end and the consist will not function.