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  by R36 Combine Coach
Well, here's the proof. In the right background just above the GG1 is a set of St. Louis MP85s at Sunnyside, circa 1976. (They might be Jersey Arrows and not Silverliner IIIs (can't tell if right or left cab), but by this time the Arrow IIs were delivered and the Arrow I cars mothballed, making the Silverliners more plausible-an Arrow II can be seen just above).
  by AlexC
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  by JimBoylan
Philadelphia area Silverliners even made it to Virginia! There are published color fan trip photos of them on the Potomic Yard hump, reached via the Virginia Ave. tunnel.
When PennCentral made connecting evening Suburban Station - Trenton and Penn Station - Trenton locals use the same equipment, but different crews, the mimeographed typewritten sheet announcing the service also mentioned how many cars (2 or 3) and whether Silverliner or Jersey Arrow.
The "non-stop" 1965 World's Fair Excursions from Lower Level 30th St. used Silverliners, but passengers had to change to a regular Long Island train across the platform at Penn Station.
When I rode it to the Fair on a Saturday in June, 1965, it stopped for a moment at Trenton, N.J., possibly to change crews.
Before Amtrak, the overnight Washington - Boston Federal leaving 30th St. at 1:03 a.m. didn't run Saturday nights - Sunday mornings. On Sunday mornings, there was a 1:05 a.m. 30th St. - Penn Station train. When I rode on March 19, 1969, it was 2 Silverliners. I didn't check what happened in the other direction.
Silverliners were used as Harrisburg locals over the years. State aid for them may have been funneled through S.E.P.T.A.
  by timz
MACTRAXX wrote:As recently as the early 80s (Conrail days) there was at least one run which operated local to NYP that originated at Suburban Station on weeknights around 9:30 PM and changed crews at Trenton arriving in NYP just before midnight.
The 10/81 timetable shows train 538 arriving Trenton daily at 10:38 PM, then the next column over, train 3860 leaves at 10:40 to NY. Don't suppose you could by a ticket Phila-NY?
Timz: Conrail DID sell a thru PHS/PHL-NYP ticket - It cost $6.95 back in 1980 and was sold as a pair of Ticketeer machine stock - SEPTA and NJT discontinued their use after the 1983 startup of their direct operations after Conrail's exit.

That mentioned run was the one with the TRE crew change (10:38 to 10:40 PM)in which SEPTA-owned CR equipment ran to NYP. That train laid up until 4:50 AM in NYP usually on tracks 1-4 - which was almost exclusively used by NJDOT MU commuter trains to Trenton,New Brunswick and South Amboy.