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Discussion of photography and videography techniques, equipment and technology, and links to personal railroad-related photo galleries.

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  by sightvs
New user here.

Ive been working in Stockholm Subway as an mechanic for over 20 years.
Have liked trains since was an child, didn't know then i was to be working on subway when i got older, none of my friends was ever interested in trains so thought i was some 'unusual' with all this.

Bought me an videocamera but not for shooting these trains in some 5 years time.
I was filming my old people before they've gone away.
But started filming some trains in finland 1990, low quality VHS film.
And of my some 7 or more vhs video tapes only 3 or 4 shots are worth watching.
My favorite shot is still missing filmed in '93.

Stopped filming trains in 95'

However 11 years later 2006 bought me an HDV camera, now with ultra high quality video was able too shoot this trains again actually worth saving, however no computer could then manage these files in multi gigabytes.

1 tape is about 15 gb in size...so 70 hrs is 1TB (one tera byte)

And the hdv camera i bought was too make videos of my child growing up, so take the extra personal time too go by the railroad track was not easy.
Only in 2010 i got a chance to film a record 16 trains during the vacation time in finland. And those trains are more interesting for me than the swedish trains because the only chance too see them is when going abroad on a vacation.
Of course there are som interesting trains here also, but that is those museum trains wich only runs at summer time

only now in a few weeks (May 2012) ive been able too edit some footage.

Here is my favorite with 12 minutes of trains in 1080p HD:


please tell me if u like ;-)
  by Jeff Smith
Welcome to the site! I'vew cross-posted this to our world-railfan as well. Thanks for contributing.
  by sightvs
Hello again, here few vidoes:

Narrow Gauge trains at Mariefred Sweden HD

Old video of trains from the early 90's Finland

Finland Dr13 train 2012 HD

Finland Dv12 train HD

Stockholm subway in depot over 20 years ago
  by sightvs
Hello again.

New video uploaded and it's a Steam Train in Finland July 3013

High Definition video and 5.1 channel audio track

http://youtu.be/_wuDC-BIxY0" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Please enjoy thanks :-)
  by sightvs
Ok i apologize for this

There were some issues in above video.

My camera does 1080 25p recordings and above link to that video is uploaded as 1080 24p.

Unfortunately there are some lagging and at one edited shot there is no sound from front left and right channels but the other three seems ok.

I have reuploaded same video with a 1080i 50hz option, perhaps i could be better in stability of the picture.

Im aware of differences about 24p 25p 30p 50p and 60p

1080p is much better than 1080i when there is motion in these videos.

Anyway the sound is now ok in that shot mentioned here.

Link to 1080 50hz video below:

http://youtu.be/qUQO4SnX24o" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by sightvs
Ultimate video of 50 trains in 6 minutes.

Since my steamtrain video and the problems with it i have been uploading my videos in 1080i/50 option beacause in my view from mine perspecitce it looks better this way, well that is in Europe 50hz region.

I did 8 videos in total of those trains i shot in Finland, however im not gonna spam this site too much.

All those 8 video links can be found in this Ultimate video link below, please enjoy:

http://youtu.be/icDUzbErcf4" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

  by sightvs

This years compilation of trains from Finland is online in HD and 5.1 channel audio tracks.

http://youtu.be/5Khho0M8OY4" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; :-D

More longer versions of these videos can be found in my 10 part series called "Porin radan videot kesä 2014" :wink:
  by sightvs

My link above is now dead, because i did edit my videos in 1080i and it was, well not so good so it's been deleted.


This link is now my re-edited version and it's pure 1080/24p and it's soo much smoother to watch.

This video is based on my 10 parts series, and those 10 parts are still in 1080i 50Hz.

My camera shoots in 1080/25p because i live in 50Hz EU, however my video edit tool does not have 1080/25p option so did the 1080i 50Hz instead and i now understand it was a bad mistake.

Maybe, i will re edit some parts of thoose 10, but not the 1-5 becasue they no longer are in my harddrive, i deleted them after uploading to youtube, another mistake.

This train here in attachement is runned by two standard Finnish Dv12 medium-weight diesel-hydraulic locomotives operated by VR, they are all built in Finland between 1963-1984 and was 192 in total
The new color of these locomotives it white and green.
Since 2012 they are today 180 in use.

3 was scrapped because of accident's an another 9 of older 2700 series was retired, and this because of age and that VR has ordered a new much more powerful diesel locomotive from Siemens.
  by sightvs
Hello, ive been busy taping these trains from allover the places.
This attachment is from Sweden, it's a museum train driven by Swedish MA Locomotive from 1950's
Every year during 1 day a train runs from Capital Stockholm to Gävle where there the main train Museum is located.

Last year old double RC's locomotive was running this train.

Anyway, here's the link to the youtube video.
It's my Mashup video trains from 1990's to 2016.
Please enjoy.

https://youtu.be/ENliCon-fa0" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by sightvs
This years summer compilation trains from Finland almost full 30min video without short cuts.
There are double engine driven freight multiple times.
This time i did film it with 1080/50p video and i hope its good quality.

Link https://youtu.be/yXnC3mwEcbo" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by sightvs
The yearly train of 2016 was a suprise.
It was runned by Ra named after Rapid Speed a inspiration from America US Locomotives :-)
And then there was another suprise.
https://youtu.be/pEwLwgCGb3s" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;