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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by Pensyfan19
For currently unknown reasons, I have been informed on another railroad forum that the Venture Cars are to be taken out of service until further notice. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post the original notice on this public forum, but I just wanted to make everyone here aware, and to state that Brightline's Ventures never had these issues.
  by eolesen
Go ahead and humor us. We don't care about the source... unless its less than credible.

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  by Gilbert B Norman
Related, I would think to Mr. Pennsy's report; observed #380 (9).

Consist: Charger, A-I Cafe, 2 Horizon Coaches.

The consist has previously been four cars. Oh well, guess "everyone pitches in" to alleviate the withdrawal of the Ventures from revenue service.
  by Gilbert B Norman
eolesen wrote: Sat Jun 04, 2022 4:54 pm There isn't a single Big Ten University that needs to advertise.
It appears that their Boards of Trustees hold differing thoughts.

Drive the 65 and you will see billboards for both IU and Purdue. Drive into Indianapolis and you will quickly owns the former Methodist Healthcare system (IU)

Drive around on the Chicago expressways and you see same for both UIC and UIUC. You'd think they were separate schools.

As a graduate of one such school (UIUC), I fail to see any need for such. We're not talking about campuses begging for students.

Off topic I know; understand if killed.
  by eolesen
Oh, I see the ads. They do advertise, but really don't need to. They still turn away more than they accept.

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  by Pensyfan19
Update: that announcement about the Ventures yesterday is somewhat incorrect. The Venture Cars are still in service and they were spotted today in MI, it's just that their doors aren't working and people have to board from the Amfleet Cafe. The initial report had to do with prohibiting the boarding and deboarding from Ventures, so this is likely an issue with their doors. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Having ridden Siemens cars on Brightline and overseas on the OBB (Austria), nothing suggests to me those cars have, or have had "issues" of any kind such as Mr. Pennsy, as well as several other sites, report.

While Brightline platforms are high level, Continental Europe doesn't know what those are.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Observed 380 (15).

Consist; Charger, A-I Business/Cafe, 2 A-II, imi A 2, Coaches.

Lumber Street; "grab what you can"; hey, if "off day" for The Cardinal, there's what you need for 383(14)-380(15) Zephyr/Carl.
  by TurningOfTheWheel
352 today is a Charger, Amfleet Business/Café, 3 Venture coaches, and a Horizon coach. Doors not working on the Venture coaches, so we had to board via the Amfleet.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Aboard Westbahn 960 Salzburg-Munich (39km E of Rosenheim)

This is a private sector operator with Stadler sets running in competition with DB.

Even if not aboard a Siemens RailJet today, I was on Saturday Salzburg-Innsbruck. It seemed there "everything worked" - including the doors and water in the "WC".

Finally, lest someone think I have become a "born again railfan", the Saturday to Bolzano IT trip was prompted by first not having been over the Brenner Pass and also that I had not set foot in Italy since '71. The trip today to Munich is prompted by, that although I've been to MUC/EDDM quite a number of times, I haven't set foot in Munich Stadtmitte since '60. Trains over here are simply analogous to "getting behind the wheel back in the States" (and think $8ga for gas over here).
  by quincunx
I rode the 306 Friday. My first experience with the new cars. I couldn't figure out how to make them recline. Then I realized they already were. Also you could make the seat rock forward-backward. Bigger windows and bigger tray tables. Handles to grab when walking the isle. The isle is really wide and seats narrower. Smoother ride.
  by west point
quincunx wrote: Sun Sep 04, 2022 5:20 pm Handles to grab when walking the isle. The isle is really wide and seats narrower. Smoother ride.
since being a pre teen i always walk down train aisles hand over hand. Now am always walk hands free so can go down aisles by alteranating hand holds. Especially when crossing between cars.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Concerning Mr. Quincunx's report, it would appear that 306 is a turn from 301, which is the 715A train departing CHI. So, I guess if I wanted to see Venture cars in revenue service, as distinct from sitting around @ Lumber Street, I'd have to drive down to Summit and be there by 735A.

Regarding my Aug 23 posting, here is the Westbahn site. Perhaps now that "the bloom is off the rose" regarding the quality of Siemens rail equipment, perhaps Amtrak should be looking at this Stadler equipment and if there is a Diesel-powered version of such. On the "made for passenger train" trackage over there (freight trains over there to me are some kind of joke - wow, can't believe it; actually observed a thirty car train this year), they ride very smooth.
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