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A general discussion about shortlines, industrials, and military railroads

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  by sandpvrr
Hello All,
Here's the latest from Waldo county Maine:
1. The City Council from Belfast voted on Feb 1 to cancel the lease on the Belfast yard property, and has evicted the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad from it.
2. There is a clause in the lease on the remaining property - if the property in Belfast was lost - the lease would be lost on the rest of the property as well.
3. Due to the clause - the new management has been evicted from the property, no trespassing signs placed everywhere, locks changed, and is under control of one person, representing the Clifford foundation. This person, and the Clifford Foundation have, based on everything I have seen, no intention of running a railroad.
If the property in Belfast cannot be recovered or renegotiated - the railroad will be lost.
I am asking that all who care about this railroad, railroads in general, or railroad history please send your comments to the Belfast Mayor, and City council.
I have arranged a form that when submitted will open your mail program and enter everything, except a subject line, for you:
Alternatively, for those that wish to type up their comments- they can be sent to [email protected] - and this will be forwarded to the appropriate parties, automatically.
Thank you all!
Here is an article on the shut down:
http://waldo.villagesoup.com/Opinions/G ... oryID=2793
Lets Save a Railroad!
cya, Joey

  by sandpvrr
Hello All,
I would like to say first and foremost – to everyone who wrote to the Belfast City Council in support of the B&ML, your support is very much appreciated.
That said – the meeting tonight was attended by many from the local area – and the railroad received a lot of support.
No vote was taken, this was a discussion session, not a council meeting.
Thank you all for your support, and stay tuned for further news!
Thanks again!
--Joey Kelley