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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by GSC
I can't seem to find much information of railroads in and around Shamokin. I see remnants of a junction in town, and a few old maps I found show many sidings around town. I know this was a major coal shipping area. Where can I find more detailed info? Also, how often do trains run through here these days?
  by NJWG
I believe it is still operated by the Shamokin valley railroad and may still interchange with the north shore and Norfolk southern in Northumberland.
North shore, and Shamokin valley are part of the SEDA-COG Joint rail authority. there is a lot of info on their website.
Couple of years ago I rode on a passenger excursion they have every year on memorial day weekend in conjunction with the anthracite festival.
Really enjoyed the trip.
  by GSC
I recently saw a video of old Pennsy steam and it showed some action in Shamokin, long drags of coal hoppers. Just a few quick shots. I'd like to check out that passenger excursion. Thanks NJWG forr the info.
  by GSC
I found a video of North Shore's SW running thru town on Tues and Wed, running thru with two or three empty hoppers and returning with them loaded. It didn't specify where they got the coal, just rail action in and around Shamokin.
  by GSC
I contacted North Shore about schedules in and around Shamokin. I was told that due to security purposes, they couldn't divulge any info like that. Understandable these days.

Are there any railfan groups or individuals who post about chasing these trains? I have family in Coal Twp and visit often, and would love to see some local railroad action. I can't get around as well as I used to so just sitting somewhere and watching would make this old railroader's day.